WWE Main Event: Reviewing the Debut of WWE's New Show

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistOctober 4, 2012


WWE Main Event debuted this past Wednesday and if the debut show is any indication, this will be a great addition to the already stacked lineup of shows.

Lets take a look at different aspects of the show and see how the new hour-long venture played out.


Miz on commentary

The first thing was how the opening video montage showed Miz with a mic in his hand and a suit on instead of his wrestling gear ilke everyone else, which could indicate that him being on commentary is a permanent thing.

Miz being on commentary was nice to see. He did not draw too much attention to himself but still managed to squeeze in a few references to being IC champion.

Miz was solid on commentary and provided a nice complement to Michael Cole's work. Miz did not play it too heelish, which was a smart move.

He was putting over everyone in the ring really well and it showed that should Miz ever retire from in-ring action that he would probably have a place behind the table waiting for him.


Video Packages

The two video packages they showed for CM Punk and Sheamus were PPV quality vignettes for a match which does not look to be the start of a new feud.

Sheamus and CM Punk were the "Main Event" of the night, but their match started out the show, which struck me as an odd choice.

CM Punk's package clearly contained footage from his new DVD, but Sheamus' had to have been made from the ground up.

Sheamus' video used classic Celtic music and some of his best clips to really showcase the superstar's qualities.

I actually think I like Sheamus more after watching that video. It showed every part of Sheamus' character and not just the stupid jokes he makes on the mic.

These definitely added to the show and did not feel like a waste of time, which can be the case with many video packages.


In-ring action

The two matches featured superstars from literally every tier of WWE's roster and the action in the ring was exceptional.

CM Punk vs. Sheamus was a match I was shocked to see last as long as it did for an hour-long show, but it did not disappoint one bit.

Both champions showcased why they are where they are in the company in this match and a future feud between these two could yield some classics.

The second match was part of the tag team tournament and it saw Zack Ryder and Santino defeat Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd.

Kidd and Gabriel are a team I am still shocked WWE refuses to push, but they looked great in the ring in this match. Even in a losing effort.

Ryder and Santino were pretty much thrown together for the purposes of this tournament, but after this match I could see them as a team for awhile.

Their chemistry was great and their gimmicks play off each other nicely.



Hearing Miz mention his days on The Real World was a bit of a shock given how hard he has worked to move past the image of "reality star."

Michael Cole and Miz welcoming us to the show form the ring reminded me of older wrestling broadcasts where an announcer would run down the action in the ring prior to the show.

It was a nice touch and it allowed everyone to see that Miz was more than just another wrestler on this show. He hyped the show with great enthusiasm.

The opening video was pretty cool, but the song choices WWE uses always amaze me. Perhaps I am just too far behind the times, but I have never recognized one band who has performed a theme song to a WWE show.

Overall, the show was very enjoyable. If WWE continues having one big-time match each week then I could see this show doing much better than Superstars or NXT.

I do not know how many people have access to Ion, the network Main Event airs on, so it will be interesting to see how the ratings were, especially since the first presidential debate was playing on just about every other channel.

What did you think of WWE's new Main Event show?

Did it fall short, meet or exceed you expectations?


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