NCAA Tournament Predictions

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NCAA Tournament Predictions

East Region

First round: North Carolina over the play-in game winner; Indiana over Arkansas; Notre Dame over George Mason; Winthrop over Washington State; Oklahoma over St. Joseph's ; Louisville over Boise State; Butler over South Alabama; Tennessee over American.

Sweet 16: North Carolina over Indiana; Notre Dame over Winthrop (maybe); Louisville over OKLA; Tennessee over Butler.

Elite Eight: North Carolina over Notre Dame; Tennessee over Louisville.

Final Four pick: Tennessee, because baby, you're the only 10 I see.

My Thoughts: UNC doesn't have to leave the state. They are locked into the Elite Eight. Tennessee is too good, man are they good. Louisville gets where they should, but no further. Winthrop would love to buck the odds and wear a slipper.

Midwest Region

First round: Kansas over Portland State; UNLV over Kent State; Clemson over Villanova; Vanderbilt over Siena; Kansas State over USC; Wisconsin over Cal-State Fullerton; Davidson over Gonzaga; Georgetown over Maryland-Baltimore County.

Sweet 16: Kansas over UNLV; Clemson over Vanderbilt; Wisconsin over K State; Georgetown over Davidson.

Elite Eight: Kansas over Clemson; Wisconsin over G'town.

Final Four pick: Kansas.

My Thoughts: Wisconsin makes you play ugly B-ball. And they will not make Mayor Beasley play ugly, but they will shut down the rest of the team. Too bad Mayo and Beasley have to face off so early. I would love for both of them to wear slippers.

Georgetown is just not good enough and Kansas is being said to be the worst number one. I disagree, they will earn the Final Four and maybe more, stay tuned.

South Region

First round: Memphis over Texas Arlington; Mississippi State over Oregon; Temple over MSU; Pittsburgh over Oral Roberts; Marquette over KU; Stanford over Cornell; The U over Saint Mary's; Texas over Austin Peay.

Sweet 16: Memphis over Mississippi State; Temple over Pitt ; Marquette over Stanford; Texas over Saint Mary's.

Elite Eight: Memphis over Temple; Texas over Marquette.

Final Four pick: Texas.

My Thoughts: Pitt blew all their energy in the Big East Tournament. Also isn't it funny that all of their big wins come at Madison Square Garden? Too bad boys, your in the south region. Texas and the Big 12 will represent in the Final Four, I just can't pick the C-USA champs to be there.

Marquette's guards could propel them even further and the twin towers vs. the three guard lineup, what a matchup. Miami would love to wear the glass slipper. Temple is playing the best ball of the year now. Christmas is unstoppable, but the supporting cast is just a little weak to go further.

West Region

First round: UCLA over Mississippi Valley State; BYU over Texas A&M; Drake over Western Kentucky; Connecticut over San Diego; Baylor over Purdue; Xavier over Georgia; Arizona over WVU; Duke over Belmont.

Sweet 16: UCLA over BYU; UConn over Drake; Xavier over Baylor; Arizona over Duke.

Elite Eight: UConn over UCLA; Xavier over Zona.

Final Four: UConn

My Thoughts: It is too tough to call, but Kevin Love will be crying about some body part and UCLA will go down. UConn is a gutsy pick, but It won't be all number ones and twos. It is hard to see Xavier going as far as I have them, but they really don't have much competition. Duke is fake.

Final Four Standing: Tennessee over Kansas, Texas over UConn

National championship

Tennessee over Texas

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