NCAA Tournament Predictions

Michael McGowanSenior Analyst IMarch 18, 2008

First round: North Carolina over the play-in game winner; Indiana over Arkansas; Notre Dame over George Mason; Winthrop over Washington State; Oklahoma over St. Joseph's ; Louisville over Boise State; Butler over South Alabama; Tennessee over American.


Sweet 16: North Carolina over Indiana; Notre Dame over Winthrop (maybe); Louisville over OKLA; Tennessee over Butler.


Elite Eight: North Carolina over Notre Dame; Tennessee over Louisville.


Final Four pick: Tennessee, because baby, you're the only 10 I see.


First round: Kansas over Portland State; UNLV over Kent State; Clemson over Villanova; Vanderbilt over Siena; Kansas State over USC; Wisconsin over Cal-State Fullerton; Davidson over Gonzaga; Georgetown over Maryland-Baltimore County.


Sweet 16: Kansas over UNLV; Clemson over Vanderbilt; Wisconsin over K State; Georgetown over Davidson.


Elite Eight: Kansas over Clemson; Wisconsin over G'town.


Final Four pick: Kansas.


South Region


First round: Memphis over Texas Arlington; Mississippi State over Oregon; Temple over MSU; Pittsburgh over Oral Roberts; Marquette over KU; Stanford over Cornell; The U over Saint Mary's; Texas over Austin Peay.


Sweet 16: Memphis over Mississippi State; Temple over Pitt ; Marquette over Stanford; Texas over Saint Mary's.


Elite Eight: Memphis over Temple; Texas over Marquette.


Final Four pick: Texas.


West Region


First round: UCLA over Mississippi Valley State; BYU over Texas A&M; Drake over Western Kentucky; Connecticut over San Diego; Baylor over Purdue; Xavier over Georgia; Arizona over WVU; Duke over Belmont.


Sweet 16: UCLA over BYU; UConn over Drake; Xavier over Baylor; Arizona over Duke.


Elite Eight: UConn over UCLA; Xavier over Zona.


Final Four: UConn


Final Four Standing: Tennessee over Kansas, Texas over UConn


National championship

Tennessee over Texas