Wrestlemania 25 Goes "Big"

brian moserContributor IMarch 8, 2009

Not since Wrestlemania III has the WWE gone "Big" with Wrestlemania.  Sure there have been other "big men" in other big matches at Wrestlemania in the past, but the way Wrestlemania XXV has been booked, it's a "Big Man's" dream.


World Championship Match - Triple Threat

Champion: Edge vs. The Big Show vs. John Cena

On Friday, March 6, The Big Show was interviewed on VH1 during the Top 20 Countdown and confirmed that he will be facing both Edge and John Cena at Wrestlemania. 

To me, it's exciting to have another big man in a Wrestlemania main event when a title is on the line.

Looking at the match; I think the obvious choice is going to be that the Big Show will do the job to Cena and thus bring the World Title back to RAW and also setting up for the feud to continue between Cena and Edge pending the outcome of the draft at which time Cena could go back to Smackdown or Edge could come to RAW.

The Big Show has the opportunity to put both men over and likewise be put over by both men. 

I contend that the Big Show is one of the best big men ever in professional wrestling and can deliver night in and night out.  Hopefully he stays healthy, keeps the weight off and continues to deliver as only he can.

I believe that we will see John Cena regain the World Championship at Wrestlemania 25 in Houston and perhaps, once again give the Big Show the F-U or Attitude Adjuster or whatever it's called this week.


Money In The Bank Ladder Match

This match has fast become a Wrestlemania staple and for good reason.  This match has the potential for more bone crushing, bone chilling action than any match on the card.

While there are two spots still open for this match, we know that CM Punk, MVP, Shelton Benjamin, Fit Finlay (Check out Smackdown Spoilers), Kane and Mark Henry have qualified for the Money In The Bank Match.

Again the WWE wants to add flavor to a main event type match by not just having a bunch of fast, high flyers in this type of match but by adding the size and strength of "The World's Strongest Man" Mark Henry and "The Big Red Monster" Kane.

While no one expects either of these men to win the Money In The Bank match, I think it would be a great move to have Kane win the match and carry around the briefcase for the next little while or even cash it in that very night in Houston.

Kane has been a company man his entire career in the WWE and has been loyal, doing everything Vince has asked of him, including jobbing back the WWE title to Austin less than 24 hours after winning it in a First Blood Match and by taking off the mask, which isn't a bad thing.

The WWE has a chance to elevate another big man to main event/championship status and break the "norm" of what they have been doing.


Looking at the rest of the card.....

WWE Championship Match

Champion: Triple H vs. Randy Orton

In a feud that has moved from "business to personal" Orton will no doubt do the job to the champion on this night.  While this match will elevate Orton's status and career, there has to be some big finish to the McMahon/Orton feud.

Triple H has promised Orton that this time he's not just going to break his collar bone, he's going to break his neck.  Orton, once again using his lawyers and doctors to hide him and hide his weakness, made Triple H agree that Hunter would not touch Orton unless physically provoked prior to Wrestlemania.

It didn't take long for Orton to make that happen, in reality one night, on TV, four nights on Smackdown when Legacy attacked Triple H.

Personally, this feud has been over done and wrongly directed.  The worst thing in the world for the WWE to do was to have brought Vickie Guerrero to RAW as interim GM.

I literally cannot stand this woman.  If Vince wants to provide for her, then just give her some cash every other week and call it a day.  She is a horrible character and horrible actress.  I would rather watch mold grow on cheese than to ever see or hear her again.

That being said, Linda McMahon should have injected herself into the situation, even only if in pre-taped segments where she dishes out weekly punishment to Orton.

I would guess the reason we didn't get Linda is because she was awaiting confirmation for the Connecticut Board of Education, which she got.

So It looks like Triple H will be on the hunt for Orton this Monday on RAW.


25 Diva Battle Royal

Jerry Lawler should be happy about this match.  25 sets of puppies, present and past Divas competing in this battle royal.

This was one of the brainchild moves from the WWE after they felt oh so threatened by Booker T's wrestling event in Houston Wrestlemania Weekend.

Give me a break.

It shows that the WWE will go to any lengths to do or get anything they want.

Booker T's event will be less than a success with so many who have pulled out, but was it ever going to be a success?  Certainly not over Wrestlemania.

Booker T was set to raise money for his community project, so he and the community have Vince and company to thank for taking money away from a community event to raise money to help inner-city kids.


Rumored Matches

Beth Phoenix vs. Trish Stratus

The only way this match works for me is if the title is put back on Beth prior to Wrestlemania and then the match is for the Women's Championship.

Perhaps this match won't happen and these two women will be part of the 25 Diva Battle Royal.

I hope not.

Trish coming back, even if for just one night, should be a time for her to shine for her family and friends to whom she has given so very much of her life.

Allowing Trish to either win the title at Wrestlemania and retire again or come back for a while is a good thing for everyone.  I'm sure I am not the only one who misses her at this point and time.

Chris Jericho vs. Hulk Hogan or "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

For me, I don't think we need Hogan at Wrestlemania for the event to be huge and successful.

Hogan is looking more for a payday for himself than in just being there for the fans, despite what he says about giving his payday to the victim of Nick's accident.

Austin is a huge star, made himself and Vince a lot of money, sold out arena after arena and is a legend. He is the perfect one to come in and face Jericho and represent all of the other legends that Jericho has encountered over the past several weeks.

Sure Hogan is Old School with a lot of these guys, but Jericho has bragged about how he beat Austin and Rock in the same night to become the first Undisputed Champion so for my money, Austin is the man!


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