Terrell Owens Becomes a Buffalo Bill

no noContributor IMarch 7, 2009

Mar. 7, 2009

(7:22 PM EST)

Terrell Owens, signs a one-year, $6.5 million contract with the Buffalo Bills....

Wait? Who? Yes, the Buffalo Bills...

The numerous texts and phone calls I've received, all positive, Buffalo fans are shocked and extremely excited with now possibly one of the best receiving cores in the league, along with Lee Evans, Josh Reed, and Roscoe Parrish.

Terrell will have an immediate impact on the Bills being possibly the biggest signing by Buffalo in years, and to possibly make the playoffs for the first time since 1999, and having Buffalo Fans in high hopes for next season.

Although the Buffalo Bills were ranked No. 22 in passing yards and 25th in total offence, the addition of a top NFL receiver was critical. With these four wide receivers, and running back Marshawn Lynch, the Buffalo Bills possibly have one of the biggest threats to defences.

Secondaries watch out as these five players are going to be coming at you fast and hard after a disappointing end to a great start for the 2008-'09 Bills

An addition of Center/Guard Geoff Hangartner helped the offensive line but, one other lineman would possibly solidify one of the most threatening offences in the AFC. Trent Edwards will be entering his second full season with all the offensive weapons an NFL quarterback could want.

Defenses will now have to limit blitzes and cover the receivers more, helping Marshawn Lynch create long and productive runs.

The Pros of this signing? Buffalo signs one of the best receivers in NFL history, and a great physical force to help Marshawn Lynch carry the ball outside and down field. Double coverage will now be eliminated from Lee Evans and now spread out opening up the middle of the field for Josh Reed and Marshawn Lynch.

A one-year deal is also critical stating to Terrell Owens that he needs to produce and if he does start problems he will be gone immediately.

The cons? Terrell did have the second most dropped passes in the NFL but its a new season. Will he start problems like everywhere else? He hasn't yet, until he does start problems hes all positive for the Buffalo Bills.

Stay tuned to ESPN for complete coverage and the press conference dealing with this breaking news.