WWE: Golden Opportunities Wasted

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst IMarch 7, 2009

So I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that Christian returned to the WWE and they decided to have him debut and wrestle on ECW.  What the heck?

This guy was a top TNA star for the past three years and you get him back and you don't make an impact with him? This guy is sitting in your lap ready to make you a lot of money entertaining people and you toss him at ECW?

Yes I understand he is a draw and could help with ECW’s rating and their younger talent, but he just returned and having him on Raw or Smackdown would have been much more interesting.

The WWE could have sent someone like Rey Mysterio or JBL to hold down ECW, but not someone who is making his big return.

Vince McMahon is said to not see Christian as a “Big Name” and does not believe that he has what it takes to become a star. Well he is, but not when you put "Captain Charisma" on the Sci-Fi Channel.

The WWE had a chance to make Christian a huge star and have him feud with the likes of Edge or Jeff Hardy. It would have been awesome, but instead we get Christian Cage on ECW with an over the hill Finlay and a young champion in Jack Swagger. 

Sure they will probably give Christian the ECW title at Wrestlemania or sometime soon, but what does it matter? He could be having great feud with top stars instead. There totally misusing him.

I think they really dropped the ball on this one and I’m really surprised. TNA’s former top star and one of Vince McMahon’s former talents shows up after making a name for himself and they toss him to their "C Show." What were they thinking?

In my opinion Christian should have showed up and attacked Jeff Hardy at the Royal Rumble. Instead of the brother vs. brother angle that’s going on now.  There could have been so many possible fresh matches there for the WWE. Look at all the possible matches; Edge and Christian vs. The Hardy, Christian, vs. Jeff Hardy or even Edge vs. Christian.

Now at Wrestlemania we get Edge and John Cena. I’ve never seen that before (note the sarcasm). Besides the Shawn Michaels/Undertaker match and the Money in the Bank I think this year’s Wrestlemania looks very familiar and that's not a good thing.

I’ve seen all of these matches before and having Christian in the main event would have been a nice change of pace.

I suppose it’s the WWE's loss. I’m starting the think that Christian would have been better off in TNA. So I’m going to get off topic here and list the matches that appear to be shaping up at Wrestlemania 25:

Randy Orton vs. Triple H

Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels

Chris Jericho vs. [legend]

The Money in the Bank Ladder Match

John Cena vs. Edge vs. The Big Show

Christian Cage vs. Jack Swagger

Like I said before look at the two world title matches. Those two feuds have been totally played out before. I’ve already seen Triple H and Randy Orton and I’ve also seen Edge vs. John Cena to death.

Wrestlemania matches are supposed to be something that we’ve never seen before and new and special, but this year I’m not exited at all for the main events.

Having Christian vs. Edge vs. Jeff Hardy in the main event would have been awesome, but I suppose Hell must freeze over before we have John Cena not in a Wrestlemania main event.

I’m not excited for this Wrestlemania, and I bet the rest of Christian’s “peeps” aren’t either. At least we still get Taker vs. HBK; that will make the show worth something.