WWE Smackdown 3/6/09: Quick Questions

Karl ZimmermanCorrespondent IMarch 7, 2009

Welcome everybody to this week's final installment of Questions, where I shoot you the things I need to know regarding this week's Smackdown, and you the reader fire back with insightful knowledge.

Can't anyone get the Undertaker a cough drop?

I haven't seen the Taker do many promos, is there a reason behind this, besides the fact he doesn't do the too well? Or did he used to do more?

Have the Hardys fought each other before? Who won?

Who do you think Vickie was talking to on the phone when she was wondering where Edge was?

Is it me, or does the crowd always forget to boo Matt Hardy at first?

Who do you think is better on the mic, Matt or Jeff? Even though I don't think that's saying a lot.

When was the last time you can remember MVP pulling off the playmaker? Have I just missed it for last year?

Did Matt's pants used to be a rug? And is that technically a mullet he has, since it's shaved on the side?

Do you like McCool better as a heel or a face?

Do we really want to hear ACDC for the next four weeks of shows?

Do you smell the end of Vickie/Edge? And hopefully an end to her GM career?

Didn't that divas match go a little long, giving McCool too much time on the mic?

Is Maryse's DDT finisher the best women's finisher in the WWE?

Does every contract signing end in a fight?

Is it me, or is this angle making Edge look like an idiot? Did his brain fry from the months he spent in "hell"?

Is Shelton Benjamin the best pure wrestler in the WWE today?

Why does it seem that Jeff does more damage to himself?

Is it wise for Jeff Hardy to wear the choker while he's wrestling? That doesn't seem like it would be regulation attire.

Not really any questions about Triple H/Umaga, seemed to be a solid match.

But an eight minute beatdown of Trips by Legacy, wasn't that just brutal?

Weren't they not going to touch each other? It doesn't seem like this attack can be blamed on IED.

Was that one of the better smackdowns that you can remember recently?

All righty B/R Nation, I look forward to your responses. Have a good weekend and a pleasant tomorrow.