The Dallas Cowboys Without Terrell Owens: Are They Better?

Sam TastadCorrespondent IIIMarch 7, 2009

As you know, the Dallas Cowboys recently released Terrell Owens. The question now is, are the Cowboys better without Terrell Owens?

One, the Cowboys still have a Pro Bowl quarterback, an excellent running game, a top tight end in the NFL, and a stout defense led by DeMarcus Ware. Tony Romo now has to show that he can lead this team, mainly because there won't be the excuse, "Terrell Owens dropped another pass, or lost the game."  

Romo also has to avoid his late season and playoff collapses and lead this team back to glory. Tony Romo is a great quarterback; all he needs is the right supporting cast around him. Owens is gone, and now Roy Williams will have to step up as the No. 1 receiver for the Cowboys.

The Cowboys should also draft a receiver, or acquire another receiver via trade or free agency. They could draft Darrius Heyward-Bey, Hakeem Nicks, or Kenny Brit. They could also acquire Braylon Edwards from the Browns, or they could sign Marvin Harrison or Bobby Engram via free agency. 

As you know, all quarterbacks need a supporting cast, and the Cowboys must get another receiver or hope Patrick Crayton and Roy Williams step up in a major way.

Romo will also have Jason Witten to throw to, who can be relied on every down and all game. Marion Barber must also help carry the load by running the ball very efficiently.

Finally, the defense will have to step up and help the offense by stopping opponents' offenses. DeMarcus Ware puts excellent pressure on quarterbacks by blitzing, and Terrence Newman is a top NFL cornerback.

All we can do as fans is wait and see if the Cowboys will be better next year. I hope they will be, and hope they can possibly even make the Super Bowl.