Diva, Knockout News and Recap: Week of Mar. 2

Christi LottCorrespondent IMarch 7, 2009


The TNA Knockouts wrestled in a fatal four-way tag match this past Thursday. Now why'll the idea of it is interesting and a departure from typical tag matches, the ending result was a disaster.

The Knockouts basically tried to use their time to do signature moves while trying to keep up storylines. Knockout's champion Awesome Kong was seemingly reduced to being on the outside looking in and there was little movement in the feud with former Kongtourage member and now No. 1 Contender Soujourner Bolt.

Rhaka Khan continues to be an embarrassment in the ring. The Governor Palin character tried to interfere as well as Madison Rayne, signaling a possible joining of The Beautiful People in her case.

It was just too much in too little time.

Knockout So Cal Val stated she'd like to see the Knockouts do Playboy as a way of upstaging the WWE. I find it extremely amusing that the group of girls who boast about being different from the Divas in every way are now wanting to follow in their footsteps.

In another copycat move, TNA recently signed Survivor winner and Playboy Playmate Jenna Morasca. Hmm...signing girls with no wrestling experience but tons of modeling experience and experience taking their clothes off...way to go with being original TNA Knockouts!


The WWE Divas had a much better week than the TNA Knockouts especially Maryse, who made it HER week. RAW saw a typical and uninteresting tag match between Mickie James & Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix and Jillian.

Jillian once again lived up to her jobber role and took the pin. But it was what was going on at the announcer's booth that made this match important. Women's Champion Melina and Diva's Champion Maryse were at ringside on commentary and had some interesting verbal spats with each other.

When Melina tried to go help her friends from getting beatdown, Maryse surprise attacked her and laid her out with her French Kiss DDT, which looked much more devastating than usual thanks to Melina's selling.

Like in my previous article, I thought and hoped this was setting up a champions feud to culminate at Wrestlemania, so RAW had a good night.

ECW saw the return of Natalya to the ring in her ECW debut match, taking on Alicia Fox. While Alicia is still very green, especially compared to the likes of Natalya, this match was the best of the week.

The two had some nice exchanges and Alicia lost simply by being outsmarted by the much more experienced Natalya, who submitted her in a very painful looking Sharpshooter.

It was nice to see Natalya in the ring again, even nicer was seeing her win. I think the WWE is wise to have her work with Alicia and give her some training. Natalya is without a doubt (according to Jim Ross at least) the best "wrestler" of the Diva roster, and she made Alicia look very good.

In basically her second match, Alicia looked much better than a few girls currently on the roster now.

Smackdown saw a lackluster match between Eve and Divas Champion Maryse going one on one. Michelle McCool joined JR and Tazz on commentary. Her commentary or mic work of any kind is her fatal flaw. She comes across as bland, boring, and has no personality, even as a heel.

I'm surprised she was allowed to speak about Maryse the way she did in commenting on movesets. It's unprofessional and a bit of exposing of the business on her part. More than anything, it was completely hypocritical, especially when her own moveset doesn't really need two hands to count.

After Maryse won, the crowd woke up when Melina ran into the ring to beat up on Maryse, getting some revenge for the attack on RAW. It was short-lived however as McCool decided to enter the ring and beat up the Women's Champion.

I really have no clue why this happened.

It completely took the momentum and the crowd out of the excitement of Melina and Maryse going at it. Very rarely do the Divas actually run out and try to get revenge for being laid out unless it's in a tag match, so this was a nice change.

Perhaps it is to set up the recent news of a possible 25 Diva Battle Royal to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Wrestlemania. I'd rather see the champion vs. champion, but this could be exciting depending on who gets the call.

There are 18 Divas on the roster, 19 counting Lillian; 16 are active as far as wrestling goes. The original diva, Sunny, has made it known she is coming so that leaves at most eight spots to fill if Rosa Mendes and Tiffany aren't a part of it.

The obvious names that can be added are Trish Stratus, a recently retired Victoria and Torrie Wilson, who bowed out of an appearance at Booker T's wrestling school to appear at Wrestlemania.

Lita is said to be in Houston at the same time, so she might be inclined to show up. It will be interesting, if the match is to happen who could show up. I personally would love to see Chyna, but that's a major stretch.

This could give us the long-awaited return of Gail Kim.

All in all, it's been a so-so week in both companies, but they've at least made me excited to see what happens next week