WWE Parallel Universe

Jabot SingleterryCorrespondent IMarch 7, 2009

What in the hell has been going on in the WWE? I swear we must be in a parallel universe or something.

To begin with, Mark Henry qualified for the "Money in the Bank" match. Considering he's 6'1" and 400 pounds to begin with, nothing about this makes sense.

I just never thought that Mark Henry, of all people, would be in an MITB match.

Now, I wouldn't mind seeing him face Jack Swagger at WrestleMania; that would be interesting. I swear they're going to have to reinforce those ladders for him and Kane.

Henry should actually be a better wrestler. I mean, he was trained by Stu Hart and Bret Hart. And since taking Tony Atlas on as his manager he's definitely improved.

MVP is a face. I always knew that he'd be a face one day, but not this soon. I miss him as a heel, but seeing the fans get behind him makes me sick.

All those hypocritical fans are the same fans that were booing him as United States Champion. It's funny how those insects can change at the snap of a finger. They aren't MVP fans because they weren't down with him from the beginning, like myself and other real MVP fans were.

It's like MVP says: "Don't show up, when I blow up!" And now that he's face.

Everyone wants to ride on the MVP train. Well, I'm sorry, but only true MVP fans are allowed on the MVP Train.

Something else I can't believe: Maryse is still Divas Champion.

I feels as if the Divas Championship is nothing but a gimmick championship. It holds no real meaning. It's just something to have around—kind of like Maryse.

Maryse will always be known as the blond French-Canadian who speaks terrible English and lacks proper in ring abilities. She's a disgrace to great Canadian wrestlers.

I'm actually starting to get irritated by the fact that Low Ki (now Kaval) hasn't been called up to the main roster. I watched his match with T.J. Wilson (Tyson Kidd) in FCW and it was great. Hopefully that's not the last time we see them go at it.

WWE should be blessed that they have Low Ki and I hope they use him the right way. 

Well, my dog is snoring and I can't think of anything else to write. Leave your thoughts and comments.


Note: Tonight I will be bringing back my Family Affair series, starting off with the Neidharts!