The Clippers: Who Will Beat Them by More Points, Boston Or Utah?

Daniel LockeContributor IMarch 7, 2009

The Clippers are one of the worst teams in the league right now.  To make matters worse, they are perennially in the Lakers' shadow.  The better the Lakers do, the less attention and pressure the Clippers get.  They are free to mail in games and not care about winning because everyone is distracted by the Lakers. 

I recently read in the Daily Dime that one NBA scout calls the Clippers "the laziest team he has ever seen." Now that is something!  Think about what it takes to be known as hands-down the laziest NBA team. They are the laziest millionaires around. 

Their lineup is headlined by Zach Randolph, who helped the Knicks set a mark of futility in the Eastern Division, and Baron Davis, a notoriously fickle player who plays up, or down, to his competition.

Here is the question: With twenty games left this season, who is most likely to demolish the Clippers by twenty, thirty, or even the rare forty-point game? 

Game two features the Clippers hosting Cleveland.  Cleveland has the best overall plus-minus of any team, and they do not give up, plus they just lost to the Celtics. They should be motivated to keep winning.  There is a good chance of losing by twenty. 

Game three is at Denver.  While Denver is in a playoff race, the Clippers have played Denver tough this season.  It is unlikely this first game will be a blowout.

Their next tough game is at Detroit for game seven.  Detroit is bouncing along with a new lineup and, more importantly, new hope.  Hope and energy are very important. Plus, Detroit is a defensive-minded team so they might lock down on the Clippers. The Palace should be rocking, and Davis has mailed in games before at Detroit. 

Game nine is at Boston, and this is my best bet for a Clippers blowout.  Boston is a vengeful team; they will remember their defeat in L.A. They are in a tough playoff race, and they pile it on teams with their big and physical second unit.  Expect a 30-point margin of victory here.

Game 14 is at Denver.  This will be their second crack at Denver. The season will be winding down for the Clippers, and they may have some players with fake injuries. Furthermore, Denver will be in a very tough race.  The second home game for Denver in a row against the Clippers will make this much tougher, and I think the second game is a likely blowout.

Game 19 will also be a doozy.  It is at Utah, and Utah is popping right now. They are tough, physical, have a good point guard, and the home crowd should be quite loud. The Clippers might give up on this one.

Game 20 is not a strong pick, but it will be Oklahoma's last game.  They are a young team, and they are fighting for every game right now.  They are in a "we don't care about the season or the scoreboard, we are just playing hard" mode.  They could easily beat the spread and maybe post a 20-point margin of victory. 

That about wraps it up for Clippers predictions.  Remember, effort trumps talent in this league, and the Clippers are the laziest team in NBA history!

Lastly, I appreciate all comments about my writing and, more importantly, the predictions themselves.  Thanks for reading!