Neymar Joins Party, Does 'Gangnam Style' Dance in Santos Dressing Room (Video)

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It's the second law of pop culture dynamics. In the pop culture universe, one ubiquitous thing tends to stay in motion until meeting another ubiquitous thing.

And then they blow up in a blaze of pop culture overload.

That's what we have in store this time for the Set Piece Video of the Day.

As a football fan, you're intimately aware of Neymar, the 20-year-old Brazilian wunderkind. If you're like us, you had to go and double-check that Neymar is still only 20, because it feels like he's been in our collective consciousness for a good decade.

Meanwhile, as a living, breathing human being, you can't help but be aware of the latest dance fad sweeping the globe. It's called "Gangnam Style" and it's an annoyingly catchy tune from the musical hotbed known as K-Pop.

That's South Korea if you didn't know. Here's what you already know: The song is everywhere, and everybody in the history of everybody has put out a parody.

This week we've seen a Real Madrid-themed version (look at Mesut move!), and our personal favorite involves the Oregon Ducks, a college team from the American version of football.

So now we have Neymar and his recently crucified body doing the "Gangnam Style" dance in the Santos dressing room. Yes, it's only a few seconds long, but it's just about everything you hoped it might be—from the sideways baseball cap to the grinding moves he puts on his teammate's face.

That's what we call winning, Neymar. Keep it up.

[h/t 101 Great Goals]


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