Z "The Dream" Moves Up: A Nightmare for the Bantamweights

Latigo RapperCorrespondent IMarch 7, 2009

The letter Z may be commonly associated with the Mexican hero Zorro, but in the Philippines, Z is synonymous with boxing.

I'm talking about the Filipino ring warrior Z "The Dream" Gorres.

With a fight record of 28 wins with 15 by KO, two losses and two draws, Z is a formidable flyweight who has rumbled with the likes of current WBO super flyweight champion Fernando Montiel and the WBA, WBC, and IBF unified super flyweight champion Vic Darchinyan.

Prior to his match with the "Raging Bull" Darchinyan, Z sent the former world light flyweight champion Eric Ortiz to dreamland via an eighth round TKO.

Z is described as a slick boxer who possesses the ability to easily evade opponents punches and land his own counter with stunning accuracy. His ring generalship is second to none, and I would further say that not even Manny Pacquiao comes close to Z in this department.

The main chink in his armor, as noticed by many boxing experts, is his lack of power and stamina. These weaknesses has already cost him two title fights, one with Montiel and one with Darchinyan.

In the Montiel fight, he was clearly leading in the early rounds landing clean shots at will. Then came the much dreaded fatigue factor which caused Z to constantly hold on to Montiel in the later rounds. This eventually cost him the fight as he was deducted for clinching.

In his encounter with the "Raging Bull" Darchinyan, Z led early on and even temporarily tamed the bull with a second round knockdown.

Again, the fatigue factor came into the picture and in the later rounds fight fans from the Philippines witnessed "The Dream" slowly turning into a nightmare. The fight eventually resulted to a controversial draw.

Many have placed forward the argument that the weight could have affected Z's performance. He might have been sapped of his power and stamina because he got drained out in trying to make the 115-pound limit.

These are just theories but I believe that the outcome of both fights would have been favorable to Z if his punches were more damaging and he fought the entire 12 rounds without getting exhausted.

Is it really the weight factor? Or is it because Z is simply not an elite fighter?

I strongly believe that it is definitely the weight factor. For now, I do not have a concrete evidence to support my claim, but it won't be long when I will have one.

On March 14, Z will move up from super flyweight to bantamweight to have a showdown with the former IBF champion and former WBC Youth world champion Roberto "Mako" Leyva.

Considering the opposition, This won't be an easy task, but I expect Z to walk away with a wide, victorious smile.

Ladies and gentlemen, Fight fans all over the world, Z "The Dream" Gorres has entered the realm of the bantamweights.

Let the lords of this division beware: Your worst nightmare has arrived.