The Nickel: The Deadman Speaks, Smackdown Rolls On

AkDSenior Writer IMarch 7, 2009

Undertaker Speaks

Did anyone besides myself find it interesting to hear the Deadman speak? He opened up Smackdown and addressed his match against HBK. We got a nice recap of HBK's moments and highlights of his Wrestlemania milestones.

Taker proceeded to actually talk about his streak.

Well, slap me silly! My eyes were glued. He talks quite proper as he always had, but he didn't try to deepen his voice as his gimmick calls for. It was a real treat to hear Taker say something that not, "Soul", "casket", "hell", "cell", or "".

The Deadman is no doubt ready for the Showstopper; will HBK have some words of his own on Monday?


I wanna BEAT EVERYONE UP, CORNER YOU...AND...AND...whisper in your ear

Big Show and Edge had the official Wrestlemania World Heavyweight title match contract signing. Vickie tried to suck up to her husband, but everyone knew she was banging the big idiot. Edge wasn't having it and confronted his wife.

Vickie said everything is strictly business as did Big Show, who took it a step further and said that Edge wasn't a good champion. Edge said he's more of a man than Big Show was and the sparks were about to fly.

John Cena shows up, cleans house, then corners Vickie and whispers in her ear. Vickie is left in tears.

The angle was decent I suppose, although I wasn't too fond of the whole whispering thing. The contract signing is now heading to RAW.

I'm not in the MITB, but I'll bank on Cena somehow getting in there. The inter promotional stuff is great either way, so bring it on.

The game plays himself


Please insert coins to begin to new game. Triple H agreed to Orton's stipulations on Monday Night RAW. Triple H couldn't attack Orton unless physically provoked first. on Smackdown Triple H main evented against Umaga.

The match didn't go on for too long before Orton and Legacy came from the crowd and viciously attack The Game. Did Triple H really think he beat the numbers game? Heck Shane McMahon did, so why couldn't he?

Unfortunately, Triple H would fall to Legacy. He gave a fight...sort of, and was slowly dismantled by Randy Orton and his henchmen.


Sheesh! This "I.E.D." is really getting to the man. Triple H had drool and snot all over his face as Orton and Legacy were leaving. He tried to crawl to Orton, but fell back down. He should just be lucky he wasn't RKO'ed or worse, punted.

The game will have to insert some new tokens for a new round with Orton. Is he returning with the sledgehammer again? We'll see Triple H's retaliation, if any, on RAW.


MVP and Shelton qualify for MITB

Not only is the Intercontinental Champion in the MITB, but so is the U.S. titlist. We won't see the IC title defended nor the U.S. title. Shelton Benjamin is in the MITB! Before I get carried away, I move over to MVP.

The ballin' superstar seems to be the man with all the charisma these days, sorry Christian. It is a Shame that we won't get to see a possibly epic encounter between MVP and Benjamin for the U.S. title at WM, but at least we'll have both of them in the MITB.

MVP is no stranger to this ladder playground and same goes to Shelton, who can even be considered a veteran. I'm pretty stoked about these two in the match. With the looks of the other competitiors, it seems that one of these two men might just get the victory.

In the meantime, hopefully Benjamin and MVP will keep feuding. Can we at least get a one-on-one before WM then?


Hardys still holding off.....well Jeff

Jeff really loves his brother Matt, but how much more can he endure? Matt not only cost him the friggin WWE title, but now a MITB spot! Jeff continues to play "good brother" as Matt is making it clear that the two will face. Jeff has quite the tolerance, so I'll applaud him.

Maybe my New York attitude makes me angry fast. Both Hardys aren't in the MITB as Matt lost to MVP and Jeff lost to Benjamin, with some help from Matt. This feud is probably the only one that doesn't get to expand on RAW and Smackdown, so we have to wait another week.

With the time ticking to the grandest stage, I expect Jeff to explode soon enough.