B/R Official Rankings for October: Top 10 Flyweights in MMA

Hunter Homistek@HunterAHomistekCorrespondent IOctober 1, 2012

B/R Official Rankings for October: Top 10 Flyweights in MMA

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    After an eternity of waiting, we finally have a UFC Flyweight champion.  

    Crowned after his five-round victory over Joseph Benavidez at UFC 152, Demetrious Johnson now has a target on his back that every 125-pound fighter will be aiming for as the division moves forward and establishes a set of fresh contenders. 

    The division is still in its infancy, and it is undoubtedly the weakest in the UFC, but we still have a nice sample of quality fighters who are all incredible to watch perform inside the Octagon. 

    Start the slideshow to see how the top flyweights in the world stack up against one another.  


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No. 10: John Moraga

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    Promotion: UFC 

    Record: 11-1 

    Most Recent Fight: Knockout victory against Ulysses Gomez  

    Next Fight: TBD 

    Previous Ranking: 10

    The flyweights can't score any knockouts, huh?  Don't tell that to John Moraga, whose most recent UFC victory was a hellacious KO victory over Ulysses Gomez at UFC on Fox: Shogun vs. Vera.  

    Thanks to his heavy hands and killer instinct, Moraga finds himself as one of the flyweight division's most promising future stars.  

    December 2010 setback to John Dodson aside, Moraga has looked impressive in each of his twelve career fights, and this resume lands him at No. 10 on our list.  

No. 9: Chris Cariaso

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    Promotion: UFC 

    Record: 14-3  

    Most Recent Fight: Unanimous decision victory against Josh Ferguson  

    Next Fight: TBD

    Previous Ranking: 9

    Since dropping his UFC 130 matchup against Michael McDonald, Chris Cariaso is 3-0 inside the Octagon, with quality wins against former title challenger Takeya Mizugaki and the well-rounded Vaughan Lee.  

    Despite this, Cariaso has not finished any of his opponents under the UFC banner, and if he really wants to stand out from his peers, he needs to start developing some finishing power.  

No. 8: Louis Gaudinot

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    Promotion: UFC  

    Record: 6-2 

    Most Recent Fight: Submission (guillotine) against John Lineker  

    Next Fight: TBD  

    Previous Ranking: 8

    The green-haired wonder, Lous Gaudinot, looked awesome in his flyweight debut against John Lineker. Always the smaller fighter in his matchups, Gaudinot displays the speed and determination  necessary to compete against his larger foes.  

    The future will tell how good he really is at 125 pounds, but for now, his prospects look blindingly bright.  

No. 7: Darrell Montague

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    Promotion: Tachi Palace Fights  

    Record: 11-2 

    Most Recent Fight: TKO victory against Taylor McCorriston 

    Next Fight: At Vale Tudo Japan 2012 against Mamoru Yamaguchi

    Previous Ranking: 7

    Tachi Palace Fights veteran Darrell Montague keeps this list from being a clean sweep for UFC fighters, and he has certainly earned this distinction.  

    With an 11-2 record and his only career losses coming to UFC studs Ian McCall and Robbie Peralta, Montague has proven he can hang with the best of the best.  A big win over Yamaguchi may help his status as a top-10 flyweight, but until the UFC comes a calling, it is hard to determine where exactly he fits into the 125-pound landscape.  

No. 6: John Dodson

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    Promotion: UFC  

    Record: 13-5 

    Most Recent Fight: Unanimous decision victory against Tim Elliott  

    Next Fight: vs. Jussier da Silva at UFC on FX 5

    Previous Ranking: 6

    The little spark plug that could, John Dodson, pops up in talks of future flyweight champions and rightly so.  

    Dodson is fast, powerful and always in excellent shape, and that makes him a force for each and every opponent he faces inside the Octagon.  

    An October matchup with Jussier da Silva will show how good he really is, but if he wins soundly, expect to see Dodson competing for the belt sooner than later.  

No. 5: Yasuhiro Urushitani

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    Promotion: UFC  

    Record: 19-5-6 

    Most Recent Fight: Knockout loss against Joseph Benavidez 

    Next Fight: vs. John Lineker at UFC on Fuel TV 6

    Previous Ranking: 5

    In addition to having what is arguably the most annoying name to spell in all of MMA, Yasuhiro Urushitani is an excellent fighter with a skillset that has given fighters fits over the course of his 11-year career. 

    Formerly considered a top-3 flyweight before his knockout loss to Joseph Benavidez, Urushitani now finds himself in the proverbial shark tank of the UFC's 125-pound division, and the future will tell how good he really is.  

    For now, he slides in at the middle of the pack at No. 5. 

No. 4: Jussier Da Silva

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    Promotion: UFC  

    Record: 14-1 

    Most Recent Fight: Submission (rear-naked choke) over Sidney Oliveira 

    Next Fight: vs. John Dodson at UFC on FX 5

    Previous Ranking: 4

    The world will finally see how good Jussier da Silva can be. A longtime flyweight standout, da Silva penned a deal with the UFC that will see him taking on the division's top fighters for years to come.  

    Boasting an impressive 14-1 victory, da Silva is accustomed to winning, and we will see if he can continue this trend in the world's largest promotion as his career moves forward. 

    He may even avenge his sole loss, which came at the hands of...

No. 3: Ian McCall

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    Promotion: UFC  

    Record: 11-3-1 

    Most Recent Fight: Unanimous decision loss to the law

    Next Fight: TBD  

    Previous Ranking: 3

    "Uncle Creepy" may have lost to Demetrious Johnson and the Laguna Beach Police Department in consecutive outings, but that cannot stop him from being considered one of the premiere 125-pound fighters today. 

    Losing to your division's champion by a narrow margin (and nearly beating him on another occasion) is nothing to be ashamed of, and McCall will likely find himself back in the title hunt with another decisive victory.  

    You gotta like his moustache, you gotta like his nickname...you just gotta like Ian McCall. 

No. 2: Joseph Benavidez

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    Promotion: UFC  

    Record: 16-2 

    Most Recent Fight: Split-decision loss to Demetrious Johnson at UFC 152

    Next Fight: TBD  

    Previous Ranking: 1

    Oh how the mighty have fallen...sort of. Despite losing to Demetrious Johnson at UFC 152, Joseph Benavidez remains one of the top two or three flyweights in the world by all accounts.  

    Heck, if a rematch took place tomorrow, Benavidez could emerge victorious—that is just how closely matched he and Johnson are inside the cage.  

    Benavidez is always prepared, he is always competitive and he is always motivated, and that makes him dangerous to anybody, anytime.  

    The loss to "Mighty Mouse" might sting now, but you have to feel good about Benavidez's future. 

No. 1: Demetrious Johnson

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    Promotion: UFC  

    Record: 15-2-1 

    Most Recent Fight: Split-decision victory over Joseph Benavidez at UFC 152

    Next Fight: TBD 

    Previous Ranking: 2

    As expected, the UFC flyweight champion is the top 125-pound fighter in the world.  

    After winning a closely-contested split-decision against Joseph Benavidez at UFC 152, Johnson makes the well-deserved leap to No. 1, and whoever wishes to take his spot will have his hands full.  

    "Mighty Mouse" is possibly the fastest fighter in MMA today, and he has the striking, wrestling and grappling to give any fighter fits inside the Octagon.  

    Plus, he looks like that yellow villain from "Sin City," and who wants to fight that guy?