WWE: Could Zack Ryder Be on the Verge of a Heel Turn?

Cody GuinnContributor IIIOctober 1, 2012

Photo Courtesy of wwe.com
Photo Courtesy of wwe.com

Zack Ryder was just another midcard superstar spending the majority of his time competing on WWE Superstars and occasionally jobbing on Raw or SmackDown. Unlike other superstars though, this didn't sit well with Ryder, so he took to the Internet in an attempt to become a star.

Zack Ryder debuted his YouTube show "Z! True Long Island Story" in February 2011 and instantly blew up.

During this day and age of social media, Ryder's idea was a great one and Ryder started the "Ryder Revolution" and received a nice push on Raw. Not only that, but at the time, Ryder was without question receiving some of the best pops during his entrances and his matches.

Even on episodes that didn't feature Ryder, you could see fans with Zack Ryder signs and you heard the WWE Universe chanting, "We want Ryder."

But, those days have come and gone, and Ryder has once against fell out of the spotlight. No one is noticing this more than Ryder himself.

In last week's edition of his YouTube show, Ryder wasn't his usual self and actually said that it was time for a change. You can check out the video below.

In the video, Ryder suggests he needs a change and actually switches up his catchphrase at the end and says, “Woo, Woo, Woo. I know it.”

Ryder has a great connection with the fans, especially the children fans which could play a major role to why he wouldn’t ever turn heel. The WWE programing is focusing the majority of their attention on keeping the subject TV-PG, so Zack Ryder will likely remain a face just to keep his status as one of the top merchandise sellers as well as his connection with children intact.

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