Don Nelson: The Largest Tumor In The History Of The NBA

Raymond TursherCorrespondent IMarch 7, 2009

Now be aware that the title has nothing to do with Don Nelson's size, just the severity of all his crap rounded up.

Everyday I read articles off of ESPN Insider and Bleacher Report, and I read that there's something about Nelson pissing someone off, or making claims that only one like Robert Rowel would be able to make.

Recently I read that Nelson is trying to push Jamal Crawford out, trying to convince him to opt-out or make his life on the team a living hell. This is so insanely pointless of a coach to do—his actions over his whole career just show his true colors.

Exhibit A: Al Harrington and Chris Webber

Chris Webber and Al Harrington were both great players for the Warriors in their time there (Webber's first run, not second) and at least in Harrington's case a bolster in the moral of the bench, and Nelson shoved him on the bench and sat him and sat him, until Harrington got angry and demanded a trade.

The same basically happened with Webber, but it wasn't really about being benched, it was the fact that Nelson wanted to butt heads and lost to Webber—the result is history.

Exhibit B (The Possible Future): Jamal Crawford

The Warriors acquired Jamal Crawford from the Al Harrington trade with the Knicks, and he has been amazing—shooting, passing, etc.

And now Nelson benched Crawford for a game with no explanation. Crawford's agent wasn't happy, showing that there was no agreement as to it happening.

I don't know much of a possible back story for this but Nelson has said that it was for his numbers for when he opts out this summer so he can be picked up by a good team.

Preposterous, his numbers have been great this season!

This evidence shows that Nelson is no longer the Golden State Warriors savior, but a cancerous tumor that must be removed before the framework of this team falls apart like that of life.