Road To WrestleMania 25: This Week's Road To WrestleMania 25 Results

The One You FearCorrespondent IMarch 6, 2009

Between now and WrestleMania 25 i will be writing an article every week and telling you what happened the past week in WWE, which is Raw, Smackdown and ECW.


This week on Raw, we saw Kane qualify for the Money In The Bank (MITB) match. He won against Mike Knox and Rey Mystertio. I hoped Rey Mysterio will win because he is fun to watch, he is more athletic than Kane, and he could use his quickness and high flying in MITB match.

That would make the match more fun to watch and it would be interesting see who would win the match.

We also saw Randy Orton almost sue Triple H for trying to hit Randy with a sledge hammer. He told Triple H they cannot touch each other except if it is a match between them.

After that, Orton told Triple H how he fell good to punt Vince and Shane McMahon and what did Stephanie thought before she got RKO'ed.

That really ticked off Triple H and he told Randy Orton that he is going to break Orton's neck when they face off in WrestleMania 25 for Triple H's WWE tittle.


Not much happened on ECW, as always. The show started off when Boogeyman faced off Kane, it was described as Monster vs Monster.

The match ended in less than five minutes. Kane won that match by taking total control in the beginning of the match.

I'm just going to skip to ECW's main event, a six-man tag team match between Christian, Finlay, and Tommy Dreamer vs. Jack Swagger (C), John Morrison, and The Miz.

I was excited about this match because Christian was in it. It was a close one, but as always Morrison and The Miz cheat their way out and help Swagger to get a win over Christian and his teammates.


The show started off by Undertaker telling Shawn Michaels that he accepts his challenge and he tells Shawn that he picked the wrong person to play mind games with and gave him the "warning."

After Undertaker did his thing, there was first Smackdown's qualification MITB match. MVP faced off Matt Hardy, these two had history but this time it was different.

Last time MVP was a heel and Matt was a face, this time Matt is a heel and MVP is a face and as this went down...MVP (face) won the match and qualified for MITB match.

Now this was very exciting part to watch on Friday Night Smackdown, it was the World Heavyweight match contract signing. Big Show singed the contract like it wasn't a big deal, but Edge was going to sign it because he wanted to prove he is better man then Big Show.

That was the only reason Edge would sign the contract, well as Edge was going to sign it I heard John Cena's music hit. Cena came out and gave a low blow and a title hit to Big Show and missing Edge's spear and hitting him with a table.

Cleaning house he was left with Vickie in the ring. When Cena came closer to Vickie he told her something in the year and walked out smiling. I think everyone saw how terrified Vickie was when Cena said something to her.

Smackdown's main event was Umaga vs. Triple H. It was an even match, but it wasn't long as Legacy interfered the match and made Triple H win the match.

Triple H fought back going outside the ring to fight three guys from Legacy. It wasn't long that the number gain would take over and Triple H would fall.

As usual, Orton uses Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase to weaken the opponent and then show how good Orton is by beating a superstar that already has been beaten by other two.

Orton, I guess was going for the punt to the head or RKO but I didn't know which one because he was thinking that Triple H will have enough strength to get up, which he didn't.

Well, that's all I got for this week. Thanks for reading and check out next week's news.