WWE SmackDown Rebound: La Familia Gets SmackDowned on Notice

Ron Johnson@TLCCaptainSenior Writer IMarch 6, 2009

Before going live, we see a look at the past week involving John Cena, Edge, and Big Show.

The show opens with the arrival of The Undertaker talking about his upcoming match with Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 25. After the Deadman accepts the challenge, we see a video montage of Shawn Michaels’ career at Wrestlemania.

Following the footage, Undertaker makes it clear that HBK has picked the wrong man to play mind games with. He ends it by reminding Shawn of something he told him at The Royal Rumble: “Sometimes it’s Hell trying to get to Heaven.”

Following a trip to memory lane, Vickie is trying to find her husband. Jeff Hardy also gets approached by Vickie in possibly fighting Matt Hardy. But Jeff turns down the offer once again and focuses on his Money In The Bank Ladder Match.


Money In The Bank Qualifying Match

Matt Hardy vs. MVP

Before the bell, Matt continues to berate Jeff and demands that Jeff fight him. As Matt continues his tirade, he comes face to face with an old friend/rival.

MVP goes on the offensive early with a series of takeovers. But it doesn’t take long for Hardy to show his ruthless side with a series of shots applied to the neck of MVP. But Porter starts fighting back only to get dropped again with a Side Effect.

But as Hardy guns for the Twist of Fate, MVP counters into a reverse cradle to not only pin Matt Hardy, but he also qualifies for the Money In The Bank Ladder Match. As MVP celebrates, Hardy shows his chagrin for the outcome of the match.

Back on the program, we have to endure the Queens of the Internet, The Dirt Sheet as they continue to insult the WWE Tag Team Champions The Colons. We also find out that next week will be The Dirt Sheet’s turn to put the gold on the line as they put the World Tag Team Championships up for grabs against The Colons.

Before the bell, we find out that Umaga will indeed face WWE Champion Triple H tonight.


Maryse vs. Eve Torres

While Maryse continues to bully Eve, former Divas Champion Michelle McCool joins JR and Tazz at the announcers table. But Eve starts to fight back until she gets caught on the ropes. Following the cheap shot, Maryse takes control of the match with a boot to the back of her skull.

Maryse applies a camel clutch to Eve, but Torres manages to fight her way out of the submission. Eve starts fighting back with a dropkick, but misses a cross body off the top rope. Maryse takes advantage and lands the Nordique to pick up the victory.

But she doesn’t get much time to celebrate the win as Women’s Champion Melina sprints down and gets some payback. But Michelle McCool comes in and rams Melina into the steel post.


Intermission: The World Heavyweight Championship Contract Signing

Back on the show, Vickie Guerrero is in the ring preparing for the arrival of Edge and Big Show. But as she tries to promote the match, Edge interrupts her and comes to the ring.

A very nervous and distraught Vickie tries to show affection to her husband, but her husband has other plans. Edge says that he is not signing anything until he gets answers about her relationship with Big Show.

As Vickie tries to convince her husband that nothing is going on, Edge starts to question his wife’s true motives. As Edge begins to berate his wife, the new No. 1 Contender makes his way down to the ring to join in on the anarchy between Vickie and the World Heavyweight Champion.

Big Show grabs the stick and tells Vickie that it’s time for Edge to know the truth. He then turns to Edge and tells him that he is not a good champion. He then says that he is someone worthy of being called World Heavyweight Champion.

He says that this is strictly business, and Vickie knows that he will be a far better World Champion. Edge then apologizes to Vickie and tells Show that he is not intimidated by the size of Big Show.

As Edge signs the contract, John Cena returns to SmackDown and interrupts the festivities for one simple reason: To add his name to the list for the main event at Wrestlemania.

Cena comes in and takes out both Edge and Big Show. He then turns his attention to Vickie Guerrero in the other corner. Cena stalks Guerrero and whispers something into her ear before leaving the ring.

A physically distraught Vickie Guerrero then looks around at the carnage before bursting into tears.

After reliving the last few moments of the broadcast, JR informs us about the newest inductee in this year’s Hall of Fame Class: “Cowboy” Bill Watts.

After the announcement, Edge is ranting and bitching about Cena’s interference. But Vickie makes it clear that the contracts will be signed next week on RAW before bursting back into tears.


Money In The Bank Qualifying Match

Jeff Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin

Benjamin starts it off by keeping Hardy on the mat, but Hardy tries to get control only to launch himself out of the ring. The US Champion then goes on the assault on the outside, but Hardy counters into a reverse Irish Whip before launching himself with a modified Poetry in Motion.

But back in the ring, Benjamin recovers and delivers the TB Powerbomb.

Benjamin continues to apply pressure on the neck and spine of Hardy with a backbreaker. But Hardy starts fighting back with a set of dropkicks before dropping him with a modified neck breaker. As Hardy tries to continue the pressure, Matt Hardy comes down and stands on the stairs.

As Jeff lands the Twist of Fate, Matt comes in, kicks Benjamin to cause the disqualification and has a stare down with his brother. Will this madness end between the two brothers? Or are we just seeing the inevitable happening?

After the bell, JR reviews the anarchy involving Triple H and Randy Orton.


Triple H vs. Umaga

The former rivals start off exchanging hands. Triple H has brief control in the corner, but Umaga takes control with some shots in another corner. As Triple H tries to get complete control, Umaga drops him with a straight kick to the jaw.

Umaga then goes on the offensive with a huge leg drop followed by a series of punches.

The Game tries to counter with a face buster and a couple of punches but is quickly caught by a shot to the throat. As Umaga guns for a clothesline, Triple H lowers the rope to send him packing. But as the ref checks on Umaga, Legacy comes out of nowhere and ambushes Triple H.

All three men try to get the upper hand, but Triple H finally is able to get his hands on Orton. The assault on the WWE Champion continues for several minutes until Orton finally calls off the dogs and tells Triple H to stay down before leaving the ring.

Is this the start of things to come for these five men? And who will get the upper hand on RAW this Monday night?