WWE: 5 Reasons CM Punk and Paul Heyman Are a Perfect Match

Daine Pavloski@@dpavloskiAnalyst IIOctober 1, 2012

WWE: 5 Reasons CM Punk and Paul Heyman Are a Perfect Match

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    There have been numerous pairings in WWE history that have forever left their mark on the business. The recent pairing of CM Punk and Paul Heyman is making a strong case to join the ranks of dynamic duos in sports entertainment. 

    What exactly is it that makes these two work so well together? Well, I'm glad you asked.

    Here are the five reasons why CM Punk and Paul Heyman are a perfect match. 

1. The History

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    As we've heard from Punk a number of times in recent history, he has always been a "Heyman Guy." While Punk was given a chance by Heyman during the reincarnation of ECW, their history goes back even further. 

    When Punk made enough waves in the professional wrestling world while working his way through the ranks in independent promotions, the WWE took notice. They sent Punk to Ohio Valley Wrestling, who impressed Heyman from the beginning which led to Heyman claiming the young Superstar had the "it" factor. 

    Not only does the history between these two help their on-screen chemistry, it also adds a lot of depth to their situation, which makes this a great pairing by the WWE. 

2. The Attitude

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    Another great reason for this pairing is the attitudes of the duo. 

    Both Punk and Heyman came from lower-level professional wrestling organizations, Punk with Ring of Honor and Heyman with ECW. Both also have arrogant, harsh and rebellious personalities and refuse to be told what they can and can't do. This do-as-I-please attitude is great for a WWE Champ in search of respect and a manager who has been known to have words with Vince McMahon at times. 

    The attitudes of these two make for great TV whenever they can find a reason to fit in frame together, another reason that this pairing is perfect. 

3. Heyman's Magic Touch

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    Paul Heyman has always had an eye for talent, managing and grooming some of the best young Superstars in the business. 

    One of the most eye-catching cases was Brock Lesnar when he made his debut with the WWE. Heyman was a great match for Lesnar because of Heyman's great mic skills compared to Lesnar's not-so-great mic skills. Heyman made Lesnar the monster that he is today. 

    With Punk, the mic skills aren't an issue, but making his heel turn seem believable may have been to some fans who got used to the anti-hero Punk. Enter Paul Heyman. Heyman is a great pairing with Punk because he gives his clients instant heat and adds that sense of dastardliness that Punk really needed to make the full turn.

4. Mic Skills

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    Another more obvious reason that this pair is perfect is their mic skills. Instead of Heyman being the mouthpiece for Punk like he is for Lesnar, Punk and Heyman both can tear it up on the mic, and the banter between the two makes for great television. 

    Having both Punk and Heyman dropping vocal pipebombs left and right adds a lot of excitement to segments on Monday nights. 

5. Air Time for Heyman

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    One of the largest reasons that this pairing is a match made in heaven (or somewhere else) is that it puts Paul Heyman on TV. 

    With Lesnar's spotty TV schedule as per his contract, Heyman's influence seemed less major only seeing him every month or few weeks. Heyman is one of the best talkers and best minds in the business, and finding any reason to put him in the homes of millions every week is definitely a win. 

In Conclusion...

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    Heyman and Punk are a great pairing for numerous reasons, whether it's their history, their similarities or their chemistry. 

    Their reign together is young and is sure to entertain, shock and surprise us for weeks to come. 

    You know what I think, but what do you think? Is this duo a great combination or just another boring angle? 

    Let me know what you think in the comments!