Come To Think Of It: Bobby Crosby To The Cubs? Say It Ain't So!

Bob Warja@@bobwarjaSenior Writer IMarch 6, 2009

There is a rumor posted over at the World Wide Leader that suggests the Chicago Cubs might be interested in acquiring Oakland A's shortstop Bobby Crosby.

And to that, I have only one word: Why?

Actually, I have many more words to say on the subject, of course. The first of which is to point out the obvious: Crosby just isn't any good at hitting a baseball.

It seems he is still living off of his 2004 Rookie-of-the-Year award, when he hit 22 homers.

But upon closer inspection, his offensive performance wasn't that good.

First, he struck out 141 times. Second, he hit only .239 with a pedestrian .319 on-base percentage.

That doesn't exactly scream Cal Ripken, folks.

Since then, Crosby's offense has been just as bad and with much less power, to boot.

In 2008, his line was scary bad: .237/.296/.349

On defense, he is way overrated.

While his UZR (Ultimate Zone Rating) was 1.9 and his RF (Range Factor) 4.57, slightly above average totals, his +/- rating was third-worst among all MLB shortstops at -13 (zero is average).

For comparison sake, that -13 was exactly the same as Manny Ramirez's rating in left field last year.

Meanwhile, Ryan Theriot isn't a particularly great defensive shortstop either. But he is certainly no worse than Crosby and, in fact, is among the best at fielding pop-ups.

While he has almost zero power, at least he hits for average and last year got on base at a .387 clip.

And the kicker is that Crosby is scheduled to earn $5.25M in 2009, while The Riot will make a bit above the minimum.

So let's hope this is a false rumor.

Just say no, Jim Hendry, come to think of it.