Monta Ellis Upset In Golden State

Yama HazheerCorrespondent IIMarch 6, 2009

January 14, 2009 (via San Franciso Chronicle)

Monta Ellis on his future:

"Listen, whatever it is about me leaving, wanting to go, I don't want to play for Nellie—that never came from my mouth," Ellis said Tuesday.

"I don't know where they got that from, but I'm here for the next six years. I'm a Warrior. I'm going to always be a Warrior. Whoever put that out there did it because they wanted a story.

"I'm making it known right now that I'm a Warrior," Ellis added. "I love playing for Nellie, and I never said (otherwise), not one time. So you don't have to worry about that. [...] only thing I'm worried about is getting back on the basketball court."


March 6, 2009

Golden State Warriors' guard Monta Ellis has missed the past few games because of ankle stiffness and family issues, or say he says. Reports on Friday are that Ellis is unhappy with the team and is seeking to find a way out of the Bay Area.

Ellis signed a six-year contract during the offseason which will earn him up to 66 million dollars.

After he signed the contract, he went against it and rode a moped in which he crashed and suffered an ankle injury. He was suspened for 30 games and lost three million dollars off his contract.

Not only did that injury and suspension cost him over half of the season, but it cost the Warriors a chance at qualifying for the playoffs.

Ellis returned about two months ago, but has not been with the team for the past week. He is supposedly taking the time to rest his ankle and stay with his family because of an emergency.

Supposedly, Ellis is unhappy with Robert Rowell and Don Nelson.

During huddles, Ellis is mumbling to himself that he wants to be traded. He makes it loud enough, though, for the team to hear his comments and attempt to do something about it soon. Ellis also arrives late to team pracitices and shootarounds.

Not only did Ellis do that to show his anger, but he did more. He skipped a team photo shoot which usually dooesn't make the front office happy.

This all may because of the possiblity of a contract termination. But who knows?

If Monta really wants to be the face of this franchise and a superstar, he needs to mature and move on from what he did.

If the Warriors decide to trade Ellis, who would you like in return?