Auburn Football: How Kiehl Frazier Can Turn His Season Around

Thomas AttalCorrespondent ISeptember 30, 2012

Kiehl Frazier fires a pass
Kiehl Frazier fires a passKevin C. Cox/Getty Images

It doesn't seem that long ago that Auburn fans were turning to Kiehl Frazier to help them forget a certain quarterback named Cam Newton. Through his first four games, though, Frazier has been hugely disappointing.

Frazier is completing just over half of his passes, has thrown seven interceptions to just two touchdowns and has been hugely ineffective in the running game.

With three losses already and a scary upcoming conference schedule, this may already be a wasted season for Auburn. However, Kiehl Frazier has eight games left to get into the flow of the offense for next season and get some fans back on his side. Here are the keys for him to do that.


Use His Feet

Last season, Auburn fans saw Frazier rush the ball 76 times for 327 yards and three touchdowns. This season, Frazier has a total of 16 rush yards while averaging 0.5 yards per carry. He also has yet to run in a score.

Threatening with his feet is a huge part of Frazier's game, and his massive inability to get that part going has stunted his growth. Better running certainly comes with good protection, but it mostly comes from Frazier making intelligent decisions.

Frazier must use his feet in order to keep defenses guessing, not simply to avoid tacklers. 


Better Protection

Frazier needs good protection to run the ball, but also to throw it. So far this year, he has received neither.

Through four games, Frazier has been sacked nine times including four times against LSU. Frazier is still inexperienced, and if he has no time to throw, he has no time to acclimate himself to the offense. He also cannot use his running game effectively when given no space.

Frazier is dangerous because he is a double threat, and the weak play of the offensive line has eliminated that aspect of his game. A quarterback needs help.


Avoid Mistakes/Use Arm

Completing only 52.8 percent of your passes is unacceptable. Throwing almost four times as many interceptions as touchdowns is unacceptable. Clearly Frazier has been making poor decisions offensively, and there is no other solution than to stop.

He must be patient in the pocket and trust that his rocket of an arm will carry him through. Properly executing throws and not passing from your back feet are both crucial to executing a proper pass. However, beyond those things, Frazier simply needs to be smarter. No two ways about it.