Over The Wall Episode No. 5

Christopher SmithCorrespondent IMarch 6, 2009


Episode No. 5 of “Over The Wall” is now available. Please enjoy and comment either here, Twitter or Facebook. Your comments will help drive future shows. 

This week we welcome back our esteemed panel, myself, Chris Smith, and Fluid Media’s Cameron Watson and Joe Magennis. Topics covered during the podcast were the following:

  • Las Vegas Recap
  • Some of Our Favorite Tracks, Memories
  • Atlanta Preview
  • Predictions
  • Song: “First Date” by Danko Jones Located on the Podsafe Music Network
  • Intro and Exit Bumpers courtesy of PhilX of Powder PowderMusic.com Link
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Enjoy the podcast. We’ll put a new one up next week. Please let us know how you like it and what changes you would recommend. Again, your comments will drive the content. Get in there and join in on the conversation.