Terrell Owens, Minnesota Vikings: Not A Good Idea!!

adam hermansonContributor IMarch 6, 2009

Terrell Owens...........Where do I begin? Do I talk about him calling Jeff Garcia gay? Maybe I talk about how he said Donavan McNabb was a non-athletic QB? I guess I can talk about anything really.

But I am going to talk about him and the possibility of him coming to the Minnesota Vikings. Would I want him on my team? Maybe. But I don't think that it would be a wise move, so that's probably why we are not going to get him. 

If Terrell Owens were to join the Vikings he would be reuniting with his former offensive coordinator from the Eagles, our Head coach, Brad Childress. I'm not a huge fan of Childress, but he has his moments. And as most of us remember they did not exactly become best of friends there.

Childress has stated that what happened with the two of them is in the past, but we all know how Owens is. He has destroyed two teams, and has tarnished his most recent team, the Dallas Cowboys. So maybe we shouldn't get him.

Owens is a big, physical receiver who demands double coverage all the time. He can tear opposing teams to shreds, when he hangs on to the ball. This man playing among boys has all the tools and gifts to be great, but his hands are a big concern. 

Leading the league in drops in 2006 was Terrell Owens. He makes clutch catches, don't get me wrong, but he has a tendency of dropping big catches too. That is the part about him that I do not like.

I can handle the person he is. I will defend him a little bit because the media hounds him and make him into the person I don't think he really is. He has the desire to play the game, and his numbers don't lie. Owens is definitely a top 10 receiver of all time.

There is a lot of baggage that comes with Terrell Owens, and if the baggage was not there I would say the Vikings should pick him up in a heartbeat. But the fact that he creates a mess wherever he goes, drops a lot of balls thrown his way, and possibly doesn't get along with Childress, makes me say no, I don't want him.

In all Owens will find a team and he will make that team better instantly on paper, but in the locker room he will tear it apart. So I say one more time, Terrell Owens, Minnesota Vikngs: Not a good idea!!!