Florida State-South Florida: Christian Jones Says 'Noles Will Show Up

Rob ClementContributor IIISeptember 29, 2012

Christian Jones says the Seminoles are ready.
Christian Jones says the Seminoles are ready.US PRESSWIRE

In the age of social media, athletes often make mistakes and say stupid things that get them into trouble. Saturday, however, Florida State linebacker Christian Jones used Facebook for something more positive. He sent this message to Seminole Nation:

To be a champion you have to play every game like it's your last. Every great competitor that I have ever known or idolized never took any games they played in for granted. Even when they knew they were better and more talented then their opponent, they always came out and gave their opponent their best shot.

People ask me what's the difference between my team this year and the team we had last year, and I tell them last year we always expected to beat teams we played because we knew we had a more talented team. This year's team, we know we're talented, but talent only gets you so far.

As a team we put in so much work over the offseason and camp, and I can honestly say that not only are we a talented team but we are also a GREAT FOOTBALL TEAM! Our goal as a team is to go out to the field every game NO MATTER WHO WE PLAY and prove to the entire NATION why we are one of the ELITE teams in the country...WE TAKE NO GAMES OFF AND WE ARE READY TO PLAY!!"

These words were taken directly from Jones' status. It is apparent from these remarks that Florida State has a chip on its shoulder and feels disrespected. Perhaps because the Seminoles opened up as only a two-touchdown favorite against South Florida, a team that lost to Ball State a week ago.

Many expect the Seminoles to follow their old ways and show up flat and not play to their abilities Saturday in Tampa. 

But should the Seminoles show up with the kind of intensity expressed through the words of Jones, you can expect a blowout. 

Final score prediction: Florida State 47, South Florida 3