WWE: Kelly Kelly Played the Game, Got Paid and Is Striking While the Iron Is Hot

Justin LaBarFeatured ColumnistSeptember 29, 2012

Photo courtesy of FloridaBikinis.com
Photo courtesy of FloridaBikinis.com

Kelly Kelly played the game, made her money, made her name famous and is getting out before it's too late.

She revealed to me in an interview she was hired by WWE at 19 after John Laurinaitis saw her in a magazine. She was a model, she didn't have plans to go to WrestleMania―but WrestleMania pays a lot quicker than trying to stand out over endless other blonde models in a magazine.

We watched Kelly Kelly rise through the ranks and eventually became the top WWE Diva. She wasn't the best in the ring, but she knew how to be marketable.

The look, the name, her ability to do media and ride the political waves that occupy the ocean of professional wrestling.

Kelly Kelly got her stock to the highest point possible given the state and status of WWE. Her value could only go down, especially with some of the female talent that WWE has recently signed to developmental.

Divas currently in NXT such as Paige, Sara Del Rey and Summer Rae are all signs that its time for Kelly Kelly to take her image on down the road.

Paige and Del Rey are more traditional girls who have wanted to be wrestlers all their life. Girls who have more in-ring wrestling experience than Kelly Kelly.

Summer Rae―a new version of Kelly Kelly. She's a blonder and former Lingerie Football League player.


Kelly Kelly's currently 25, lots of time to pursue movies, television and anything else. She has the resume points of having an established fanbase, her looks and experience performing live. If she stayed with WWE any longer, her value would have only gone down. She would have stayed around too long and been lost in the shuffle.

She's leaving and hitting while the iron is hot. She got mainstream entertainment exposure with Maria Menounos and their build up for WrestleMania. Her name and image went over huge when gracing the cover of Maxim. The next step is obvious.

It was obvious for Trish Stratus, Lita, The Bella Twins, Maryse and Maria Kanellis. They all saw they had built their value up to a point where they could capitalize on other genres.

Kelly Kelly executed playing the WWE game perfectly. Take some legitimate bumps, do a few diva pillow fight matches, pose for Maxim or Playboy―take your money and run while your name and face still means something.