Cleveland Browns Need to Shed More Weight

David-S SerdinakCorrespondent IMarch 6, 2009

I've wrote several articles pushing my opinion that last year's Cleveland Browns were not a team of underachieving, talented players but a team of mediocrity who believed the hype. The same hype that had their fans looking for a playoff spot.

Looking back, I now realize that the team's talent, coupled with an extremely difficult schedule, should have made the writing on the wall easier to read.

Obviously, they could have been more successful, but only slightly. The prior year, when they posted a 10-6 record, they feasted on the dregs of the NFL. Their knee-jerk reaction was to give Romeo Crennel an extension (which they sorely regret) and Derek Anderson a contract that he doesn't deserve.

Enter Eric Mangini. I believe that he intends to make the team more disciplined and players more responsible for their actions. Both of these philosophies are new to this team.

This team must rebuild. The organization, and the fans, must admit this fact first. Then players must be shed. Players who are too old to be a part of the future...players who are so used to having no discipline that they cannot handle it.....players who will poison the young-blood with self-centered complaints.

The trading of Kellen Winslow was an excellent move. I believe a second round pick for an oft-injured malcontent was value.

I respect Jamal Lewis but he will not be a Brown by the time they are ready to win, so he doesn't need to be one now.

Derek Anderson has to be gotten rid of no matter the cost. He's not a starting QB and will only interfere with the development of Brady Quinn. No other team will take him at the ridiculous contract he possesses so I'd cut him.

The coaches will know more about who wants to win and who wants to do the minimum to stay in the league.

It's time for this team to gain an identity. To earn some respect and to reward the long suffering fans of Cleveland