WWE The Draft's Effect On Backlash and The WWE

xxValentinoxx Aka rashadCorrespondent IMarch 30, 2017

The draft's effect on backlash is not going to be all that bad. The majority of effects it could have on Backlash won't be major - the majority of the big matches happening at the 25th anniversary of Wrestlemania are cross branded, Randy Orton vs HHH and The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels. The pay-per-view Backlash is not really too interesting. It is usually just rematches.

With stipulations or other match types in it, you can expect to see Orton vs HHH again and/or a triple threat with someone but this isn't a review of Backlash - this is more about the draft.

Some matches happening at Mania are the tag title unification matches. Orton vs HHH Edge vs Big vs John Cena, etc. All these matches are cross branded that is why the draft is happening so soon after Mania.

Draft changes that are going to happen without a doubt are HHH going to Raw to continue his feud with Randy Orton and Legacy. It is also rumored that Cena will be heading to Friday nights which is a change that needs to happen. Raw is over him - he needs a new surrounding.

Backlash will see some crazy things this year. Usually nothing spectacular happens but this year we could see the return of Mr. McMahon to cost Orton the title if he wins it at Mania or he loses and gets a rematch. It is rumored that Batista is physically ready to return from his surgery.

It is also rumored that Rey Mysterio will be returning to Friday nights and we might see Michaels come to Smackdown or Undertaker come to Raw or they could switch places. Who knows?

Mid card changes

Evan Bourne, CM Punk and Kofi to Smackdown - these three people should come to Smackdown because I believe that they can more further their careers on this brand, not that they would have a huge effect on the brand or Backlash.

To Eaw, either Mr. Kennedy or MVP needs to go to Raw because they could distract from each others upcoming pushes to the world title picture. I recommend they both stay because their are no good places for them at this point in their careers but Smackdown. I know I said they should move but it's not the best idea if they were to move one to ECW, there goes any chance of getting in the world title scene any time soon. But it is still bad if they go to Raw because HHH would over shadow them.

The returner should be moved. Christian needs to also be drafted. His time in ECW just proved to me that he is ready for the main event. He put on a five-star match against Swagger and made him look good.

Now back to Backlash. When the road to Wrestlemania ends and after Judgement Day, we will see the ratings of the show definitely come down back to an average 3.0 in the cable ratings.