Detroit Lions Should Build From Inside Out

Leo ShineContributor IMarch 6, 2009

If you listen to great football minds you will hear that you have to build a team from the inside out. Almost every mock draft compiled by these same experts has the Detroit Lions taking Matthew Stafford. They, as most fans are falling for the sexy pick—a franchise quarterback.

I believe the "inside out theory" is the way to go. The Lions should and will follow this theory if they want to build a team that has a chance to compete for the NFC North. In the NFC North a team has to be able to run the ball and stop the run.

With great lines on both sides of the ball, the rest of the North has gotten the better of the Lions for years.

The Lions are not done with free agency so it is impossible to say who they will draft. However, with things as they are now the answer is not a quarterback. The team should concentrate on the lines and the linebacker position.

With the depth at the offensive line position and no clear cut favorite at these positions, I do not think they should spend the first pick on one of the many left tackles. With the No. 1 pick they should take outside linebacker Aaron Curry.

At the No. 20 spot the Lions can take the best offensive lineman available—Andre Smith. In the second round with the No. 1 pick the Lions could draft Ziggy Hood, a 6'3'' 300 pound defensive tackle form Missouri. This would help the Lions ability to run and stop the run for years to come.

With the first and 18th picks in the third round, the team can focus depth at the linebacker and safety position to solidify the middle of the defense which will also help with the philosophy of stopping the run.

If this theory of "build from the inside out " holds true, I feel a strategy similar to this may be the way to build an NFC North contender.