If I Ran The WWE: ECW Week 1

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IMarch 6, 2009

This is the first edition of my ECW, and I hope you enjoy it.

ECW Roster: Christian, DJ Gabriel, Evan Bourne, Finlay, Jack Swagger, John Morrison, Mark Henry, The Miz, Paul Burchill, Ricky Ortiz, Tommy Dreamer, Tyson Kidd, Alicia Fox, Katie Lea Burchill, Hornswoggle, Matt Striker, Theodore Long, Tiffany, Todd Grisham, Tony Atlas.

Todd: Welcome to ECW on SciFi. I'm Todd Grisham, and with me as always, is Matt Striker.

Striker: Welcome, we at the home of ECW at the Bingo Hall in Philly here tonight and after watching Raw last night, what does Mr. McMahon have in store for the Land of Extreme.

Vince's music hits...

Vince comes out and takes a mic with a huge smile on his face.....

Vince: How about Raw last night? Stone Cold is back he is in the Hall of Fame and I'm inducting him. So ECW, the Land of the Extreme...more like the Land of Nothing.

Crowd boos loudly...

Vince: So what do I do with ECW? Well, there are going to be some "Extreme" changes around here. Teddy Long, come out here now.

Teddy music hits as he struts to the ring......

Teddy: Hello, Mr. McMahon.

Vince: You've done good here...but...I have bigger plans for you.....Teddy Long you're.............my new Vice President Assistant for the WWE.

Teddy: All I can say is ECW, "Holla Holla Holla!"

Teddy leaves the ring waves goodbye and shakes some hands to the ECW fans....

Vince: All right, your new General Manger of ECW...............................

Paul Heyman's music hits as he walks to the ring................Vince and Paul shake hands and you can read Paul's lips saying "Thank you", Vince say's "You're Welcome."

Paul: I'm Back. Time to get back to business here in my ring. Todd and Matt welcome back to the broadcasting table, Joey Styles.

ECW music hits for Joey Styles.....

Joey: It's great to be back here in ECW and I'm ready for a "Extreme" night of ECW.

Todd and Matt: Welcome Back, Styles.

Goes to commercial.......


MITB Qualifying Match: Finlay vs. ?

Finlay comes out first as he wait's on his opponent to come out......

Evan Bourne's music hits....


Evan Bourne comes out to a warm reception from the crowd as he walks to the ring and Finlay has a smile on his face, Bourne shakes hands with Finlay as they say hello to one another.

Finlay starts off with a headlock and turn's into a arm-bar to start off the match, Bourne counter's it with a arm-bar of his own, Finlay and Borune share counters as th crowd starts to cheer, Bourne goes for the hurricanarna but it is countered into a power-bomb by Finlay. 1, 2, kick out

Goes to commerical....

Finlay is working on the back with Finlay's knee in his back as the crowd get's behind Bourne, Evan reverse into a school boy pin but Finlay kick's out at two, Evan does a Flying DDT then goes to the top but Finlay get's up and get's to the top rope as he look's like a super-plex from the top rope, Evan reverses thesuper-plex and and does the shooting star press to get the pin 1, 2, 3.

Winner: Evan Bourne

After the match the light's start to flicker and the light's go out and hen they come back on a bird is sitting on the rope looking at Evan as Evan looks confused as the bird starts flying around Evan as Evan realized what kind of bird it was a raven.

Backstage Josh Matthews is sitting with Paul Hayman asking what he is going to do next.

Josh: What are your plan's for ECW now

Paul: Just watch and see.... as he walk's he away he laugh's

Goes to commerical......

Joey Styles: I've just got word that there will be a six man tag match but here's the twist there will be a contract that will be signed next week on ECW and he person not team that get's the contract will be in the main event at WrestleMania 25 against Jack Swagger.

Jack Swagger music hit's as he walk's to the ring with the ECW title...

Jack: I think Paul being the GM suck's were have you been for the last couple of year's oh yea you have been fired since 2006, So now what is going to happen here the Land of the Extreme.

Paul Hayman's music hit's....

Paul: You are nothing but a spoiled punk and next week you are going to be taken to the EXTREME.

Goes to the commerical.......

Next is the main event 6 man tag match

6 Man Tag Team Ladder match (winner gets a title shot at WrestleMania 25 vs Swagger): Christian v John Morrison v Mark Henry v The Miz v Paul Burchill v Tommy Dreamer

Henry comes out alone, Miz and Morrison come out together, Burchillcome's without  Katie Lea, Dreamer, and then Christian.

There are 6 ladder' set up all along the ring and outside of the ring as the match get's underway, Henry and Burchill go after Dreamer as Morrison and Miz go after Christian as they all find there way outside of the ring, Christian get's a ladder and goes right after Henry after getting away from Miz and Morrison, Dreamer get's a ladder and take's out Burchill as Burchill is busted open. Christian, Dreamer, Miz and Morrison all have a ladder in there hand but then Henry grabs a ladder that look's twice as strong and big into the ring....

Goes to commerical.....

Henry comes in the ring withthe ladder and knocks out everyone off there ladder but Dreamer stands instead of falling of his ladder but is stunned, Henry get's on top of the ladder but Dreamer get's on the top with him, as Dreamer and Henry are on the top Mizand Morrison set up a table, Henry blocks a punch from Dreamer and Mizhit's Dreamer witha chair as he falls to the ground, Henry tells them to put him on the table, Henry does the big body splash on to Dreamer......but..... Henry was so big and the force made both of the go threw the ring......

ECW fans are screaming Holy Shit and ECW ECW ECW as it starts to mix as the ysa together(the fans) Holy ECW Holy ECW.

So Burchill is knocked out cold, Henry and Dreamer are at the bottom of the ring, and Christian Miz and Morrison are the only one's left as the pause and look around at the fan's the whole in the ring, and the contract.

Christian picks up the chair and swing's at Miz but hit's Morrison as Mizgives Christian the DDT as he goes up the ladder but right after him is Christian as they are bothon the ladder as they both swing th contract back and forth in till Morrison jump's from the top rope to the ladder that is standing right next to it and kick's the ladder down that Christian and Miz were on as the fall to the outside, Morrison goes up a little further to get the contract as Morrison win's one hell of a match as the crowd cheer's for Morrison a little.

Winner: John Morrison #1 contender for the ECW title at WM 25

After the match the emt's come out to check on Henry, Dreamer, Burchillto see there condition. Morrison raises his hand in victory with the contract in one hand and pointing to the WrestleMania sign but after he waves to the crowd................... Swagger attacks him from behind as he does the gut-wrench power-bomb on Morrison as he rasies his title over Morrison as the show fades to the black.

Next Week: Swagger vs Paul Choice, MITB qualifier, and much more

Look out for SmackDown

-Adrian Staehle




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