The WWE Draft: A Quick Look

Joseph DanielCorrespondent IMarch 6, 2009

With all the attention focused on Wrestlemania, I would like to take a brief detour and look at the WWE Draft. Who should go where, and why?

I'll keep it simple. Four picks for Raw, four picks for Smackdown, two picks for ECW, and I will only list the Supplemental Draft.


From Smackdown to Raw: Triple H—This is kind of a giveaway that leads me to believe that it might not happen. At least not this way. But it is the most basic way. Triple H should go back to Raw and Feud with Randy (with Batista soon) and some of the younger guys on there (Punk, Legacy).

From Smackdown to Raw: MVP—It's time for MVP to have a change of scenery and for WWE to really test him in the big leagues. Midcard feuds with the Legacy, Punk, and HBK could be good for MVP and prepare him for the main event down the road.

From Smackdown to Raw: Edge—Edge did good for a while on Smackdown, but his association with Vickie has started to drag down his career a little bit. Sending him to Raw to feud with Triple H, Randy Orton, HBK, CM Punk, and MVP could be just the jolt he needs.

From Smackdown to Raw: Vladimir Kozlov—Vince loves him some Kozlov, so I could see this move happening. It might be nothing more than to put him in a holder feud with Batista when he comes back, but I don't really see him on Smackdown anymore.



From Raw to Smackdown: Rey Mysterio—The experiment with Raw has failed for Rey. he came in fired up and since then has done...nothing. Send him to Smackdown where he felt right at home and fued him with Show, The Hardy's, and Benjamin.

From Raw to Smackdown: John Cena—Smackdown was supposed to get him last year before they changed the pick to Triple H. He's been gone long enough that it's time for him to return to his roots. This could set the stage for that huge Cena-'Taker match down the road.

From ECW to Smackdown: Christian—Smackdown is really the perfect place for Capatin Charisma. If he keeps performing at the rate he has, I'm sure Vince will eventually see money in him, but I seriously doubt Vince will want him at the top of his flagship brand. The top of Smackdown should be okay for him, though. Some might want a feud with Edge, but keeping Christian out of the shadow of his "brother" might be for the best.

From Raw to Smackdown: Chris Jericho—Come on, feuds with Rey Mysterio and Undertaker would be electric, and I'm sure Jericho has unfinished business with a certain rainbow-hair colored Hardy. This is a good fit for Jericho because he keeps hitting the glass ceiling on Raw, whereas on Smackdown he could easily be the top man for the blue brand.



From Smackdown to ECW: Mr. Kennedy—With Christian gone, Swagger will eventually need a new mouthpiece opposite him as an opponent, and Kennedy would be great. Of course, he could always switch it up and go back to being heel to challenge Dreamer should he win the title.

From Raw to ECW: Kane—I'm surprised Kane didn't last longer on ECW than he did. ECW needs a true monster rather than the wannabe Henry, and Kane is the man for the job. I could see a nice feud between him and Swagger down the road.


Supplemental Draft

1. From Raw to Smackdown—Kofi Kingston

2. From ECW to Raw—John Morrison

3. From ECW to Smackdown—The Miz

4. From Smackdown to ECW—The Brian Kendrick

5. From Smackdown to ECW—Ezekiel Jackson

6. From Raw to ECW—William Regal

7. From Smackdown to Raw-DH Smith

8. From Smackdown to Raw—Michelle McCool

9. From Raw to Smackdown—Beth Phoenix

10. From Raw to Smackdown—Santino Marella

11. From ECW to Raw—Mark Henry

12. From Smackdown to Raw—Ryan Braddock

13. From Raw to ECW—Jamie Noble

14. From Raw to ECW—Sim Snuka

15. From ECW to Smackdown-Ricky Ortiz

16. From Raw To Smackdown-Dolph Ziggler