NY Sports Examiner: A-Rod Never Leaves Sportswriters Hanging

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NY Sports Examiner: A-Rod Never Leaves Sportswriters Hanging

NY Sports Examiner: A-Rod never leaves sportswriters hanging

A-Rod really never ceases to be entertaining.

If you're a sportswriter, sports blogger or Sports Examiner and you have no idea what to write about, just wait 10 minutes and A-Rod will hook you up.
Today was fun.
A-Rod has a cyst.  He's going to be out 10 weeks.  That's what his brother said.
Then the Yankees said no cyst, it's a torn something or another.  He might be out four months.
Tonight, it's a torn laburm and a cyst.  What fun!
Don't forget he also accidentally dissed Damon and Jeter when he tried to say something nice about Jose Reyes - I kind of felt bad for Alex on that one.....and there was something about steroids or something?  That's so three dramas ago now I can barely remember what the fuss was about.
I'm convinced all this is part of A-Rod's master plan of distraction.  He wants us to be absolutely convinced that he is stupid.  He's going to keep doing stupid things until we all shake our heads and collectively realize that he did 'roids because he's well...stupid.
One thing for sure: stay away from A-Rod's relatives when it comes to medicine.   They obviously can't be trusted.  They either have incomplete information or shop at dubious pharmacies.
What will it be tomorrow?  Will he accidentally blame Jeter for the cyst?  Will he complain that Babe Ruth never had a sore hip?  Will he step on a kitten's tail and be photographed smiling?
I'm really starting to believe my own theory that the cool ghosts stayed on the south side of 161st street and River Avenue, but the "stupid ghosts" that got kicked out of Shea moved to the new place in the Bronx.

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