Wrestlemania 25th Anniversary: Thoughts on the Card

Joseph DanielCorrespondent IMarch 6, 2009

There has been a lot of speculation going on about what is on the Wrestlemania card and what should be on the Wrestlemania card.

This article is my own opinions on what the card is shaping up to be and what should be added to make it better. (SPOILER ALERT: There are a few spoilers in this article mostly pertaining to Money In The Bank)

Match 1:  Money In The Bank Ladder Match

CM Punk vs. Kane vs. Mark Henry vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. MVP vs. Finlay (all confirmed) vs. R-Truth vs. Kofi Kingston (My Picks)

The Money In The Bank Ladder Match has become a tradition at Wrestlemania and this year is no different. There has been a general opinion that the names announced for the match so far make this match the weakest Money In The Bank match to date.

I disagree; it simply makes this the most different MITB match to date. It may be a little more story oriented but that may not necessarily be a bad thing. In fact having to many MITB matches with nothing but High Flyers runs the risk of watering down each highspot until it no longer means something.

I have no problems adding two tanks (Kane and Mark Henry) and a ground-and-pound fighter (Finlay) to this match at all. Let's not forget Kane and Finlay are both MITB match veterans, as Kane was in the first one and Finlay has notched two under his belt. They know how to work in this environment.

Mark Henry makes a good target for some big stunts and the eventual showdown between him and Kane should be interesting.

As for the big highspots, Benjamin, MVP, Kofi, Punk, and Truth should more than satisfy cravings for insanity. Some may ask where are Mysterio, Bourne and Kennedy? Well Kennedy probably won't return until after Wrestlemania, and I have other plans for Bourne/Mysterio. Don't worry fans, MITB will still deliver this year. Just maybe not in the way we have come to expect.

Match 2:  25 Diva Battle Royal

Some may not like this and I admittedly have my own reservations but in the end I think it could be entertaining. Wrestlemania 25 is supposed to be a celebration and going down memory lane with some big Diva names from the past should be fun.

WWE should try to stray away from names that could bring bad publicity and or affect their PG rating (Chyna, Ariel) but beyond that, it's fair game. 

Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilson, Molly Holly, Victoria, Lita, Stacy Kiebler, Sunny, and Mae Young are probably at the the tope of WWEs wish list and I can't really say anything bad about any of those names.

I won't say that this is the best option for a Diva's match, that WWE had on the table but it is definitely not the worst either. If it's short and sweet, then I think we can all enjoy it.

Match 3: Undisputed Tag Team Championship Match Tag Team Turmoil

This is where Bourne and Mysterio come in. John Morrison and The Miz and the Colons have been engaged in a great tag team rivalry on Smackdown, one which has brought back memories of when tag team wrestling was great.

What better way to highlight the tag team division than to have a tag team turmoil match with the best tag teams in WWE? Some may argue for a Miz/Morrison vs. Colons match at the big show but honestly fans might be burned out on the feud by then and there are two many other names on the roster that would be left out.

Morrison/Miz, The Colons, Legacy, Cryme Tyme, Mysterio/Bourne, Kendrick/Ezekiel and possibly Festus/Jessie or Ryder/Hawkins could tear the house down if given a good 20+ minutes or so.

And it would be a great way for a team like Legacy to be showcased or even sneak in a win for the titles. It's high time WWE unified the tag Division and what better place and match then Wrestlemania 25-Tag team turmoil?

Match 4: Extreme Rules Match: Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy

I have seen a lot of different stipulations offered for this match. Hell In A Cell, No Holds Barred, Street Fight, TLC, Non Sanctioned, etc. All those are good but for a team that prided themselves on being extreme, Extreme Rules just sounds right to me.

It may end up being a straight one-on-one match but I don't think that would fit the feud. I have heard many fears about this match because of their last one on one match at Vengeance 2001.

First and foremost, that was eight years ago. Jeff and Matt are light-years better in the ring now than they were then. Plus comparing a feud that was thrown together and one that has been building for months is not really fair.

Matt and Jeff are both professionals and have grown into great all-around performers the past few years. I believe both men will deliver a top-notch match at Wrestlemania.

Having the extreme rules stipulation allows for them to cut loose, which will probably make this match even better. Stop those fears, people. They're unjustified.

Match 5: JBL Makes "History"

Okay so it's not a match but JBL has been saying he will do something "Historic" at Wrestlemania so you have to believe he will play a big part in the card. There has been a script released that shows JBL wanting to become the new Intercontinental champion and bring prestige back to the belt.

Now I am all for elevating a secondary title, but I don't know if that actually ranks as "Historic". Personally I believe they should announce him as the new owner of WWE. That would be historic and shocking.

It would also make for some great television the next few months and puts a nice JBL-McMahon feud right on the table when the McMahons come back.

Match 6: ECW Championship: Jack Swagger vs. Christian

Some might say Tommy Dreamer deserves this spot. And I would agree with you. the problem is his retirement storyline doesn't end until June 6, so WWE will probably wait until then to give him his title match. If only there was another big name on ECW to challenge Swagger.....oh that's right, Christian.

Their first match on ECW was great and I would expect this match to be even better. They could possibly add a cage or something to spice it up, but it's not necessary.

I think this is where the pull the trigger on Christian winning his first "world" title in WWE and establish himself as at the very least a semi-main eventer. No matter what this, should definitely be another "Instant Classic."

Match 7: Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker

There's not a lot to say here. Two of the greatest legends and performers of all time. Two men who are always on the top of their game at the big show. "Mr. Wrestlemania" HBK vs. 16-0 Undefeated at Wrestlemania The Undertaker.

Going to war in their home state of Texas on the 25th Anniversary of the grandest stage of them all. If this one doesn't have classic written all over it, I don't know what does.

Match 8: Legends Lumberjack Match: Chris Jericho vs. Hulk Hogan

Now this probably the most disputed match on the card. Who faces Jericho in defence of the legends. My Pick: Hulk Hogan. Now there has recently been a call for Hulk Hogan to face John Cena. Let me be the first person to say that match is a proverbial Dream match and would be huge.

HOWEVER, that would mean that the most likely person to challenge Jericho would be Jerry "The King" Lawler. It would also mean Edge would go one-on-one with the Big Show.

Unless Edge turns face, I am not interested in his match with Big Show at all. I don't see that happening, so WWE has to add a face who is a genuine draw to their match. That's John Cena.

As for the King, I have nothing against Jerry. He is a legend and deserves to wrestle at the one event he has never competed at: Wrestlemania.

The problem is WWE has built Jericho's story in a way where anything less than a Hulk Hogan or Steve Austin will be massively disappointing. Austin is not healthy enough, so Hogan gets the call.

Besides, if you had to pick between John Cena and Chris Jericho to drag a watchable match out of Hogan, who would you pick?

WWE Universe need not worry about this being a disaster. Jericho is as good as they come between the ropes. Hogan could go the whole match poking Jericho in the eye and people would still go bananas. 

And with legends (and Mickey Rourke) surrounding the ring it would give the match that sense of spectacle that would take it to the next level. Really, Hogan is the biggest name that WWE can get to face Jericho at this point.

And don't cry Jerichoholics. If Big Show can go from being owned by Floyd Mayweather for chrissakes to being in the main event of the biggest show of the year then CHRIS JERICHO can survive losing to a collection of the greatest names the sport of wrestling has ever seen.

Match 9:World Championship Triple Threat: Edge vs. Big Show vs. John Cena

Okay I will admit it this is the main event I am least excited about seeing at Wrestlemania. Fans are bored and tired of Triple Threat title matches at Wrestlemania and frankly so am I, but WWE has booked themselves into a corner where this is the only logical route that they can go.

Creative seems to be having too much fun with the developing Edge-Show-Vickie love triangle, and I seriously doubt that they want to turn Edge or Show completely face anytime soon, so this forces WWE to find someone who the fans care about.

That's why John "Super" Cena is opposite Vickie's duo. Honestly, I can understand why people don't like the idea of the match but I don't understand why they think it makes no sense.

It makes perfect sense. In fact when Triple H was still Edge's potential opponent at Wrestlemania,  I had Big Show in the match even then. The real story is Cena/Edge but the aforementioned tension between Show and Edge has been teased since late December.

In the end, I will take this match over a one-on-one encounter with Edge/Big Show and i feel that it could actually end up surprising people and be very good.

Show always seems to give his best performances in Triple Threats so I expect him to hold up his end quite well. The chemistry is definitely there, so I think it could be an enjoyable main event come Wrestlemania time.

Match 10: WWE Championship Special Guest Referee Stone Cold Steve Austin: Triple H vs. Randy Orton

This is it. the match that everyone is talking about. Triple H vs. Randy Orton. First let me go on record and say that this has been one of the better written and executed storylines in a long time.

I never though I would say that I am excited about part 2,127 of their feud, but I am. That is a testament to WWE creative and the role that both men have been on (especially Orton) Stone Cold Steve Austin needs to be on the card in some way other than just being introduced to the audience and outside of wrestling this is the best I could come up for him.

Now Austin in the striped shirt is something that could probably rank as overkill, but putting him in a feud involving the McMahons, Triple H and the man who ended his career (sorta) at the 2003 Survivor Series Randy Orton means that Stone Cold can actually be involved in the story instead of just thrown in there randomly for the sake of him being at the show.

Plus it makes sense with Legacy looming in the background to have someone try and keep control. Who better than the rattlesnake in his home state. I expect this match to be intense, hate-filled, and bloody.

Both men can go on the big stage, and something tells me this may very well be the defining Triple/Orton match that we have waited for.

It been a long journey for these two to this point and I think it will end up being well worth the wait. Come Wrestlemania 25, I believe we will all be treated to an Epic Wrestlemania main event.

So there you have it. My thoughts on what has been announced for the Wrestlemania card and a few tweaks here and there that I think could make it better.

Regardless of what happens I firmly believe that WWE is dedicated to making this a Wrestlemania we will remember. I am sure that WWE has a few other surprises up their sleeves for the big show.

A plethora of legends will be on hand for the event and we cant forget Batista looming ever ominously in the background after he announced he could be cleared to compete as early as next month.

It's only a few more weeks now. I am excited. You should be excited. The 25th Anniversary of Wrestlemania. It's going to be huge.


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