WWE RAW: Why Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow Are Perfect for the Tag Team Division

Mark PirieCorrespondent ISeptember 27, 2012


On Monday Night Raw, WWE continued their trend of throwing together two random wrestlers, who they don't know how to push, and making them a tag team.

This has halted the progress of many superstars and has forced many to get lost in the midcard frenzy (See former tag team champions Drew McIntyre, Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel).

Now two of the fastest rising stars in the company, Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow, have been forced together to form Rhodes Scholars, and they are set to face off against the temperamental Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan and Kane (or Team Hell No if you are inclined to hashtag).

While this could be seen as a potential road block for the two, it could potentially be a perfect fit.

Rhodes and Sandow both have immaculate mic skills and great wrestling ability, but have both been flailing in the midcard. They have also had meaningless feuds with Sin Cara and Brodus Clay that were quickly forgotten.

With a feud set up against the highly entertaining Tag Team Champions, this is a perfect chance for the two to showcase their talents and show they are perfectly geared for a singles run.

In the end, they could feud with one another, with a Rhodes face turn on the cards. This would allow the young talents to bounce off each other and build one another up as future stars.

It is unlikely that the two will claim the gold, but they will combine to create the perfect mix to keep Team Hell No from becoming stale. While there are plenty of teams that could produce as much excitement, giving Rhodes Scholars the reigns up until Hell In A Cell is a great idea.

Kane and Daniel Bryan will eventually implode, and the titles could then be handed over to the division's leading candidates the Prime Time Players. However, up until that point, putting another entertaining double act up against them will give the WWE the new life in the tag division they're looking for.