Jeremy Lin and the Worst 2012 NBA Offseason Moves: BR5

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With the NBA season just a little more than a month away, we decided to take a look at the worst offseason moves so far.

At No. 5, we have JaVale McGee.  NBA scouts love his height of 7'0", wingspan of 7’6” and all the physical attributes needed to be a dominant center.  However, his mind didn’t get the memo.  McGee has made a name for himself for his errors and boneheaded moves with the Wizards.  McGee then was traded to the Nuggets at the trade deadline and started to show potential, so much that the Nuggets signed him to a contract worth 44 million dollars over 4 years.  Possibly too much, too soon.

Landry Fields is at No. 4.  Fields had a very promising rookie year in 2010, quickly becoming a fan favorite.  He then hit a sophomore slump, with some sizable drops in production.  Despite all of this, the Toronto Raptors decided to take a big chance on Fields, signing him to a 3-year, 20 million dollar contract.

At No. 3, Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, shows tons of energy and enthusiasm court side, but not so much this offseason.  Cuban’s focus has been on saving cap space, but all this has gotten them is losing out on Deron Williams and Dwight Howard, as well as letting Jason Kidd and Jason Terry walk.  Dallas seems to be further away from a championship than ever before.

Jeremy Lin took the NBA by storm in the second half of the season.  He briefly turned the Knicks around and captured everyone’s attention.  Linsanity came to an end with an injury, but apparently it never died in Houston.  The Rockets signed Lin for a back-loaded 25.1 million dollar deal that in its final year pays 14.9 million.  The Knicks decided not to match it, which resulted in some backlash.

At  No. 1 was the biggest headline all offseason, Dwight Howard. The Dwight Howard saga lasted for too long, but finally ended with Howard being traded to the Lakers where he’ll play alongside Kobe, Steve Nash and Pau Gasol.  An obviously great move for the Lakers, bringing them back into the championship discussion.  This was not great for the Orlando Magic.  They did not receive anything in return if you ask the fans, who now have to deal with most likely rock bottom for their declining team.  

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