Randy Orton Might Be Playing The Game For Too Long

Nina ShayContributor IMarch 6, 2009

Now this is definitely one of the must-see matches on WrestleMania 25. Two former Evolution members crossing paths once again, firing up past issues of betrayal and revenge.

Sparked up by the strike of an RKO on Stephanie McMahon, punts to the heads of Shane and Vince McMahon, Randy Orton has crossed the line; family line that is.

Putting out the in-laws and wife of Triple H, Orton tried to reason it with The Game. But of course, an enraged husband wouldn't stop to think about his actions. In fact, he has only one thing on his mind; break The Legend Killer's neck with his trustee old Sledgehammer.

This feud has taken a breath of fresh air when Hunter got involved in the Orton-McMahon fight. As Hunter had mentioned, it is now personal between him and Orton. A good development in the build-up to WrestleMania as Hunter brought up Evolution and challenged Orton to fight him and not only for the McMahons, but also for the WWE Championship

This satisfies a clause in the 2009 Royal Rumble winner contract in which he must face a champion in a title match at WM25. To sweeten the deal even more, Hunter further convinced him with a chance to avenge the Evolution days when Hunter made the team turn against him after becoming the youngest WWE Champion.

Finally, Orton accepted the challenge. But the leader of The Legacy came up with a condition of his own to his advantage of course that Hunter cannot touch him until WM25 unless he physically provoke him first. If Hunter does, Orton will press charges against him for physical assault after chasing him around the building last week with a Sledgehammer with Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes failing miserably at trying to protect their leader.

Once again, Orton got his way. But I've got a sneaking suspicion that this would be the final time things will go his way. Since there won't be a preview of this big face-off, Hunter will be preparing himself for the ultimate showdown and getting the revenge he wants for The McMahons.

Orton on the other hand would be ready but The Legacy would fall victim in the hands of The Game. Orton has to learn to stop hiding behind DiBiase and Rhodes.

This storyline has been built up beautifully and it might not end at WrestleMania. Reading other articles, I heard Batista might be added to the mix and have some kind of former Evolution members showdown and because Batista was "injured" by Orton. Whether this might happen or not, it would be a nice climax to Part 2 of the feud.

Anyways, back to Orton vs HHH, I think Hunter would be The McMahons' hero, but I don't think Orton and The Legacy would stop there so who knows what might happen?

With so much bad blood between the two superstars and the feud steadily and successfully building up to the big day, the WWE Universe will get to witness a worthwhile fight.

Will Randy Orton come up victorious at WM25 and walk away as the new WWE Champion? Or is Hunter too hard a game to conquer?