Flag Football Phenom Tosses 30-Yard Touchdown Behind His Back

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The best football play involving a chubby over-the-hill athlete and a bunch of players wearing flags just happened, and it was recorded on video. 

Usually the only thing that happens at a flag-football game is that one guy who claims he was a star in high school sprains his ankle trying to cover some guy whose wife doesn't let him eat donuts anymore. 

Simply, these are hardly Greek Gods or fine specimens. 

Somehow, someway and for some odd reason; this quarterback magician decided to delight the world by tossing a football behind his back and nailing his receiver with a perfect pass in the end zone. 

Someone teach this to that Tim Tebow guy. 

Cosby Sweaters has more information on this amazing toss. 

This behind the back touchdown pass was thrown by Brady Cronk during a recent Purdue Intramural Sports Flag Football ‘Men’s Open League.’

There is pretty much everything we wanted to know about the video, save one important and necessary conundrum. 

Why did he do this?

Did he draw this up in the huddle? Was he trying to impress his fellow bros with an impromptu TD pass with flair? What happens if he fails?

That's what I would have loved to see, failure. 

Imagine his receiver trotting back to the huddle on the next play wondering, "Um, what's up Cronk? Did you, did you just try and throw a pass behind your back?"

But he dropped this pass on a dime and history is forever grateful. 

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