WWE: Damien Sandow's Team with Cody Rhodes Spells Ends of Singles Push...For Now

Erik BeastonFeatured ColumnistSeptember 27, 2012

Photo Credit: WWE.com
Photo Credit: WWE.com

There is a belief amongst wrestling fans that if a singles star is suddenly thrown into a tag team with another singles star, it means the creative team has nothing for them to do and, as a result, their chances of being pushed again are slim.

That is not the case with WWE’s resident “Intellectual Savior of the Unwashed Masses."

Unlike others that have seen their pushes come to an unfortunate end at the hands of the dreaded “thrown-together” tag team, Sandow has far too much talent to allow this momentary halt to derail any plans he may have of excelling as a main event star in World Wrestling Entertainment. He is a phenomenal talker and has proven that he has the skills between the ropes to hang with top stars, as was most evident during his recent match with Kane on Friday Night Smackdown.

His tag team situation is also different from those that have come before him. Unlike other stars that have been forced into tag team competition because of the staleness of their characters or the creative team’s lack of ability to come up with a story for them, Sandow and partner Cody Rhodes find themselves thrust into one of the hottest stories in all of professional wrestling.

Kane and Daniel Bryan have brought a spotlight to tag team wrestling that has been missing for nearly a decade. Fans care about them as champions because their team has a reason and story. They are funny and have an interesting dichotomy that other teams consisting of two headlining stars did not. Add to their rise the fact that the tag team division within WWE is experiencing a renaissance as well as the attention paid to it by the creative team in recent months, and you have a far better situation for someone such as Damien Sandow than there would have been even a year or two ago.

At a time when the main event scene within WWE is paper thin and Superstars are suffering injuries that leave those in power scrambling to find a suitable replacement, it is interesting that they would sacrifice two mid-card talents such as Sandow and Rhodes when both men have shown glimpses of being able to fill a role higher in the card. The fact that they have been trusted to help further the Kane-Bryan story is a tribute to their talents.

While Damien Sandow’s singles push has been stalled by his inclusion in the duo now known as “Rhodes Scholars,” his ability to adjust to teaming with Rhodes and his continued excellent performances should gain him enough trust and support from those backstage to return him to his status as WWE’s next breakout Superstar.