Mannywood Will Be a Feature Movie

Joe NoaCorrespondent IMarch 6, 2009

I am glad to see that this soap opera is finally over and we can go on with our lives.

It was evident that Manny was not going to get his wish for a six-year deal worth $150 million. No team would be foolish enough to take a chance on a guy that quit on his team and forced a trade out of Boston. The shenanigans are not worth paying that kind of money to anyone.

Manny gets a two-year deal for $45 million and has the option to opt out after one year. The Dodgers and Manny both save face and now they can focus on winning a division. Funny thing is that this deal was on the table since November and was repeatedly turned down.

The Dodgers were not going to bid against themselves like the Yankees did with CC Sabathia and Manny got his $25 million this year.

Manny now says he always wanted to play in Los Angeles. The fans love him, the players love him, and Southern California loves him. What more could he ask for? Maybe, the center square for Hollywood Squares.

The Dodgers did the rest of the National League a favor in signing Manny. Now the rumors can finally be put to rest about the possibility of the Mets sneaking in and signing Manny.

The National League teams can focus on intentionally walking Manny every chance they get. This if course, Ethier, Blake, Russell, and Furcal can protect Ramirez. These other hitters are going to have to step up. Otherwise, Manny will be a very expensive intentional walker.

This is why the Dodgers needed Manny. Manny can bring more fans in the seats and stir up a fever that hasn't been there since Fernando Valenzuela.

Now, Los Angeles will have another hero to root for. Mannymania has arrived in Glendale, Arizona ready to prove the other teams were wrong about him. Mannywood is taking shape and Joe Torre will be the director.

The Dodgers are hoping this soap opera will turn to a blockbuster and end with a happy ending.