Eagles Front Office Shows No Love To Fans

Andrew PetrilloContributor IMarch 5, 2009

The Philadelphia Eagles fan base has been blindsided, but we should have seen it coming.

Left confused, angry, and even speechless, Eagles fans were expecting one last round at the Super Bowl with the core of players they’ve had for the last 10 years. But what 950ESPN Philadelphia radio host Jodi MacDonald termed the year of “44 or Bust” has fallen to a free agency that has already seen legend Brian Dawkins head out and a dreaded “financial apologize” from Donavan McNabb.

Dawkins, the heart that pumps the fans green blood is gone. With Jon Runyan and Tra Thomas on the fence, and Correll Buckhalter and Lito Sheppard out the door, more than 60 years of Eagles seasons will be over. The snake’s head wasn’t just cut off - it was severed into pieces.

With the core gone, fans usually look to QB1 to take over as leader of the pack, but McNabb doesn’t look like he is stepping up any time soon.

By now, many of the top free agents have been signed with the Eagles teasing the interest of T.J. Houshmandzadeh. But apparently the Eagles didn’t value Houshmandzadeh highly and he signed a competitive contract with the Seahawks, leaving the Birds with the same mediocre receiving staff of last season.

Fans would love to see Torry Holt wearing Eagles green, but with the Eagles front office history, we're not holding our breath. The other top receiver in free agency, well let's not even mention him. Stacy Andrews, the lone bright spot so far in the Eagles offseason was signed to man the right tackle hole that Runyan has held for nine years.

The Eagles holes in the roster are obvious and they need to be filled with this year’s draft. The Eagles now have 12 picks following the trade with New England that sent Greg Lewis to the Pats for a fifth round draft pick. The Birds need offensive line depth, a between-the-tackles running back, wide receivers and not as necessary, but a tight end if Oklahoma State standout Brandon Pettigrew is available.

Teams can never really know who will be available when it's their turn to pick, but if the Eagles want to win back their fans' support, they need to make a big splash in this year's draft or can only hope that Reid, Joe Banner and owner Jeff Lurie have a method to their madness.