Why You Don't Watch the NBA Anymore

Jamaal FosterCorrespondent IMarch 5, 2009

It is after the all-star break and the NBA season is revving up to full-blown action. If you listen to AM radio, you could hardly tell. 

I'm sure David Stern is not happy about this, and neither am I.

I listen to people talk all the time about how they "used to" like the NBA, but now don't care for it. The reasons sound good, but many are ill-conceived and some are only the result of suburban gang-mentality—a sort of "keeping up with the Joneses" for a person on the far left.


5)  The players are not as good as they used to be...

This is garbage.  The players are better than they used to be. Period. 

The game has nuances to it that make it different. Offense-friendly rules are the biggest of those differences. 

The athletes of the day are totally different than those of any era before now. 

The thing that separated most of our great NBA players from there contemporaries has always been their freakish athleticism; Wilt, Kareem, Oscar Robertson, Michael Jordan, Shaq, and LeBron are all players who changed, not only the game, but changed what we look for in basketball players. 

And before anyone says "they can't even shoot free throws" the NBA avg. free throw percentage has been 75 percent for the last 20+ years and has not changed.


4) They make too much money...

Congratulations! You are a certified hater! If this is your reasoning I hope you don't watch any television because they all make more money than you.  


3) College basketball is better...

Not really. 

College basketball games are far less competitive as a whole. Memphis hasn't lost a conference game in two full seasons! 

There are about two or three teams in each conference that are high caliber (except the ACC) and the rest are mid-level schools or just plain trash. 

I grant you this, the fan fair is better, but that's the nature of the college experience.  We can say the same about football or any other sport. 

The college game is more fundamental is an acceptable answer in this. There aren't superior athletes at every position of every college hoops team, but doesn't that mean the NBA game is really better?


2) There's just not enough people that look like me...

I almost never hear this one, but it would be refreshingly honest. 

The majority of America is middle-class and white. There are no Larry Birds, no John Stocktons, no Jeff Hornaceks. 

The white Americans that are left in the NBA are so tatted-up, if you said they were "colored" it would be an accurate statement. I hope our country (black, white, and all between) matures enough to have that conversation.

It is not racist, or prejudicial to say such a thing.  The pull of sports is largely the ability of the spectator to project themselves onto the field of play.  If neither the players, nor the coaches look like you it makes that projection just a bit more difficult.


1) The NBA is fixed...

Evidence?  Okay, the Akron kid landed in Cleveland, Josh Smith and Shareef Abdur-Raheem landed in hometown Atlanta. 

Why is there a lottery behind closed doors again? Donahey...why isn't there a fourth referee? 

The Lakers had how many free-throws against the Kings that time in the playoffs?  Why is David Stern at the Hawks vs Celtics playoff game? 

Did you say it had something to do with Turner Broadcast and Atlanta spirit trying to generate a buzz in a growing city?  Did you say it was because Atlanta ticket prices don't matchup to the other NBA cities with similar economic demographics? 

Should I say again, that two franchises have won over 50 percent of all NBA titles. 

Since David Stern has been commissioner, the NBA title has never gone to a "small-market" city. Never. 

The smallest market to win a NBA title since 1984 was San Antonio. Being in Texas, I'd hardly call them small market though. 

Hmm...you may have a point?!