The 25 Funniest Funniest Photobombs in Sports

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterSeptember 27, 2012

The 25 Funniest Funniest Photobombs in Sports

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    Photobombing is the act of somehow disrupting or creepily placing yourself in the middle of someone else's photograph. Basically, photobombing is doing anything to draw attention to yourself when you are not the star of the photo. It's a prank as old as photography itself. 

    That's right. Photobombing dates back to the days when men wore those old timey bathing suits, ladies wore bloomers and governments were proving pesticides were safe by spraying them over little kids. Heck, someone even found a Civil War era photobomb in 2011. 

    But back in the olden days only a very few number of people could actually enjoy a photobomb because photos were kept private, rather than plastered all over the interwebs for the entire world to enjoy. Things may not be perfect today, but the Internet sure has created a lot of entertaining content for everyone to share. 

    And the government is no longer spraying DDT all over us…that we know of. 

    Hilarious photobombing is just one of the many privileges of the modern world in which we live. Let's take a look at some of the funniest photobombs in sports. 

Honorable Mention: Celtics Fan Photobombed at Martin Luther King Jr. Monument

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    I realize this Celtics fan isn't an athlete or any way involved with sports, but the fact that he's wearing a jersey is good enough for me. Plus, this was too funny not to include. 

    I have no idea what precipitated this scene or why the Celtics fan is posing like such a goofball, but I wish I had been on hand to witness it. 

25. Josh Hamilton Photobombs Josh Hamilton Fans

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    Getting photobombed by a couple of weirdos sitting behind you at a baseball game is one thing. Sure, it's amusing, but it isn't exactly something you'll remember forever. 

    Getting photobombed by Josh Hamilton, the star player of your very favorite baseball team, who you came to see play—that's something special. 

24. London Olympics Photobomb Guy

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    As much as NBC tried to ruin the 2012 Olympics in London for all of America, there were still plenty of bright spots that the evil peacock overlords were unable to snuff out. 

    I don't know what sport this is, who the guy with the necklace is or what countries are competing. But what I do know is that this photobomb guy is awesome. 

23. Hottie Braves Fans Are Not Alone...

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    Just when you think you're alone…

    These beautiful Braves fans were pausing for a picture when someone else found his way right into the middle of the frame.

    I'd actually assume that guy is a total creeper based on his face, but the fact that he's wearing a Bill Murray shirt changes my perception entirely. 

    Thanks to The Chive for the photo. Chive on!

22. Ben Olsen: Full-Time D.C. United Coach, Part-Time Photobomber

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    In July 2012 Ben Olsen, the coach of the D.C. United soccer team, participated in a charity tennis match at Kastles Stadium in D.C. He must not be too bad at tennis, because his team won. 

    Hence the celebratory photobombing of his own teammates. 

21. Couple Being Creeped On, Big Time

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    Look at this cute couple behaving like regular human beings in love, taking in what looks to be a baseball or hockey game. Awwwwww.

    Well, almost. Unbeknownst to them, a very bald, very wide-eyed, very crazy looking man was hellbent on getting in on that action. is loaded with hilarious gems like this.

20. Tiger Woods Green Man Photobomb

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    I'm not sure what is up what's with the spandex unitard Green Man that has become a global sports phenomenon, but it's been going on for years and shows no sign of stopping. 

    These guys have been popping up at sporting events all over the world, and have dropped in on Tiger Woods more than a few times. 

19. Phil Jackson Fails to Impress One Fan

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    Former Lakers and Bulls coach, and living legend, Phil Jackson is (arguably) the best coach in sports history and he's got an epic 11 NBA championships under his belt. 

    I'm certainly impressed by his achievements, but some people are harder to please. Like the lady snoozing behind him in a seat that has to be expensive as hell. 

18. Ryan Kesler Photobombs Everyone in the World

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    Okay, maybe not everyone in the world, but the Canucks' Ryan Kesler has photobombed what seems to be everyone on his own team. 

    Sometimes it's a friendly smile or a blank stare. And other times he's eating pizza. Check out this video compilation on YouTube for the full monty. 

17. Blonde Fans Photobombed by a Werewolf

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    If you're taking a photos of yourself and/or a friend at a sporting event, or anywhere with stadium seating really, odds are you're going to end up with a photobomb at one point or another. But it's a rare occasion to get one so freaky, 

    I wish I knew what event these girls are actually at, because I'd like to avoid it in the future. The beer-clutching werewolf in the green shirt and his 18 months pregnant girlfriend are not the type of people I'd want to be sitting next to.


16. Photobomber Shares RG3's ESPY Award Moment

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    Sometimes people just find themselves in the right place at the right time. That almost never happens to me, but it probably happens to the guy who is photobombing Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III all the time. 

    I'm jumping ahead a bit, considering RG3 only has three NFL games under his belt to date, but what if he wins a Super Bowl MVP or ends up in the NFL Hall of Fame? That guy is going to have quite the center piece photo for his man cave. 

15. Roy Oswalt Is Feeling the Funny Instead of the Pressure

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    Leading up to the 2010 MLB Playoffs, all the big boys were feeling the post-season pressure mounting. Of course, some people deal with pressure better than others. 

    (Then) Phillies pitcher Roy Oswalt obviously takes stress in stride, as evidenced by this ridiculous photobomb. 

14. Not Even Spiderman Isn't Above Photobombing

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    Who knew Spiderman was a football fan? With all that he's got on his plate, you wouldn't think he'd have much leisure time on his hands. But it seems that, on occasion, he takes a break from pining for Mary Jane and single-handedly saving the world to catch a live NFL game. 

    I'm not sure if he roots for the Bills or the Eagles, but considering he's kind of a masochist who gets kicked around a lot in his real life, I'd put my money on Peter Parker being a Bills fan. 

13. Chris Bosh Pop-in Photobombs LeBron James

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    The Heat's Chris Bosh has a history of photobombing his teammates and this pop-in to the frame during an interview with LeBron James is definitely one of the best. 

    Check out the video on YouTube to see the full moment in all its glory. 

12. Aaron Rodgers: King of NFL Photobombs

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    Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was obviously a natural born photobomber, because he has been making ridiculous appearances behind his Green Bay teammates since he was playing backup to Mr. Brett Favre. 

    Rodgers photobombs are hilarious and done often enough that they require their very own website. Check out Rodgers Photobombs for the complete gallery of absurdity. 

11. Monkey See, Monkey Do: Clay Matthews Learns from His Quarterback

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    Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been photobombing his teammates for years, but in August 2012, his linebacker with the luscious blonde locks proved A-Rodge isn't the only game in town. 

    Clay Matthews stepped into the frame during Rodgers' post-game interview with a hot blonde and stole the show with his stone cold stare. 

10. Oh Jets/Mets Fans...

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    I'm always impressed when I meet a lifelong Jets fan or a Mets fan. Mostly because if you're a New York sports man, your life must be infinitely less stressful and filled with happiness and championships if you just jumped on board with the Giants and Yankees. 

    But kudos to this pair for standing strong and paying money on any given night to see the Mets lose to any given team. They're so excited just to be on TV that they're calling up their friends and family to let them know. 

    Nobody tell them those cell phones are bananas though, they've suffered enough. 

9. Weirdo Manages to Upstage Cowboys Cheerleader Melissa Kellerman

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    It probably goes without saying that it's pretty difficult to upstage a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader under most circumstances. Somehow, it's happened to the mellifluous Melissa Kellerman twice now. 

    In 2011 she was upstaged by Cowboys tight end Jason Witten when he ran her over during the course of a game. And in 2012 this creepshow found himself starring in one of her Twitter photos. 

8. Ray Whitney Upstaging a Teammate Via Photobomb

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    The 2011-12 NHL season was one of the best of Phoenix Coyote Ray Whitney's 20-year career in the league. Apparently, he celebrated all year long by photobombing his teammates at every opportunity. 

    FOX Sports Arizona's Graham Taylor diligently documented Whitney's shenanigans throughout the season. See the full slideshow here

7. Ray Whitney Upstaging a Teammate...Again

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    They were just too good not to include another. Kudos to Ray Whitney, one of the best photobombers ever. 

6. Phillies Fan with a NSFW Shirt Photobomb

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    Actually, I'm not even sure if that's a NSFW word, but it sure is a great way to attract attention! It made me laugh, but I probably wouldn't pick one up myself. 

5. Peter DeBoer Unmoved by a Large Pair of Photobombs

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    To be honest, I'm not even sure if this counts as a photobomb, but I suspect not too many of you out there are going to be outraged over its inclusion. 

    Obviously down 3-0 to the Kings in the 2012 Stanley Cup Finals, Devils coach Peter DeBoer probably had an awful lot on his mind at the time. That doesn't mean it's not impressive that he managed to ignore the scene behind him. 

    If a nuclear bomb was dropping on Los Angeles at the time, it would be hard for most men to avert their gaze from this spectacle. 

4. Alex Smith and the World's Most Casual Photobomber

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    You might not be all that impressed with this photobomb just by looking at the photo. All this guy in the hoodie is doing is standing casually behind 49ers quarterback Alex Smith while simultaneously managing to line his dome up perfectly with the NBC Peacock logo. 

    But it's actually much much more if you check out the full video over at FunnyOrDie. Usually photobombers on TV immediately lose their marbles and are quickly wrangled by security for causing a commotion. Hoodie guy learned from their mistakes. 

    He casually walks into the frame, as if he's supposed to be there, and proceeds to stand around looking both hilariously awkward and completely content with life for a full two minutes. This guy should have his own Budweiser 'Real Men of Genius" commercial. 

3. There Are Pervs Lurking Everywhere

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    I have no idea what possesses a person to do something like this in public, but I am glad that there are people who think differently than me when it comes this type of photobomb. 

    Just so long as he keeps his own personal golf club in his pants, then it's just some good clean(isn) fun. 

2. Tiger Woods Super Excited Photobombing Guy

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    If you want to attract attention to yourself, there may be no better athlete out there to photobomb than the legendary Tiger Woods. Generally you'd you'd just be a nameless goofball that pops up on the interwebs, but not this guy. 

    YAHOO! Sports actually tracked him down and interviewed him. His name is Ben Turner, he's from North Carolina, and he's obviously awesome. You can read Jay Busbee's full interview over on YAHOO! and/or follow Turner on Twitter: @benturnerlive 

1. Chris Bosh Creeps Up on Dwyane Wade

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    Chris Bosh might not get as much attention as the Heat's LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, but he definitely knows how to steal the show when he wants to. Sometimes it's on the court during the game. 

    And sometimes it's on the court after the game. Here he is creeping up on Dwyane Wade after the Heat put a beating on the Knicks during the 2012 NBA Playoffs. 

    Check out the video on the YouTubes if you want to see how the whole event went down. 

Photobombing Hall of Fame: Mustache Man

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    The Cigar Guy may be the most famous photobomber of all time. He was spotted in a photo behind a Tiger Woods' chip shot at the 2010 Ryder Cup and went on to become a global sensation.

    The fan's name is Rupesh Shingadia and he is impossible to miss, donning a wig, a ridiculous fake mustache and chomping on a cigar.

    Apparently his get-up was a tribute to Spanish golfer Miguel Angel Jimenez, but its ridiculousness went on to spark an Internet meme. 

Photobombing Hall of Fame: Photobomb Face Guy

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    Most of us had never heard of Jack Blankenship before he showed up at a Knicks game brandishing a gigantic photo of his own face in February 2012. His quest for fame was aided by the global phenomenon known as "Linsanity," which was just taking off at the time. 

    The Self-Face Photobomb Guy is a University of Alabama super fan who had been doing his thing in Tuscaloosa for awhile, before taking it national. Blankenship went on to make an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and was flown to Los Angeles by FunnyOrDie to do his schtick at a Clippers game. 


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