Top 10 NFL Draft RB Prospects

Doug DarrochContributor IMarch 5, 2009

Running backs are the workhorse for your team. Denver just plugs them in, and they get 1000 yard rushers every year. 

Nevertheless, they only won championships when they had an elite player back there. With most of the top rushing teams having a RBBC, this ongoing trend will convince many teams to look for an upgrade in the backfield this year.


1. Beanie Wells, Ohio State

Has excellent vision and can get the tough yards in short situations, but he has real durability concerns after struggling to stay healthy at Ohio State.


2. Knowshon Moreno, Georgia

Pretty much has it all except for breakaway speed. Emmitt Smith version 2.0.


3. LeSean McCoy, Pittsburgh

Best inside runner in the draft, but he has fumbling problems.


4. Donald Brown, UConn

Led the nation in rushing, has great hands, but needs to improve in yards gained after contact.


5. Shonn Greene, Iowa

Excellent vision and patience running inside, but he is a one-year-wonder who lacks speed.


6. Andre Brown, N.C. State

A one cut and go back who will be a good fit for a zone blocking team. Has durability concerns.


7. Javon Ringer, Michigan State

Good all-around back with excellent character and competitiveness. Will make a team very happy on day two.


8. James Davis, Clemson

Does a good job of following his blockers, but lacks elusiveness in space.


9. Kory Sheets, Purdue

Has added special teams value with kickoff return experience, but he has fumbling problems that need to be corrected.


10. Rashad Jennings, Liberty

Solid all around at running, blocking, and receiving, but will struggle making defenders miss.

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