Vegas Style Odds for Who Will Land 4-Star WR James Quick

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIISeptember 26, 2012


James Quick is a 4-star wide receiver from Trinity High School in Louisville, Kentucky, and he's got three big schools that he's considering committing to.

According to Jared Shanker of, quick will be taking official visits to his three top programs:

One of the hardest players to get a recruiting read on, Quick said he is looking at three programs: Louisville, Ohio State, and Oregon. He plans to take official visits to all three, and he knows which program will get the first one.

"I'll probably take an official visit to Ohio State pretty soon," Quick said. "I'm not sure when, but I'll probably take one pretty soon."

Does this mean Ohio State should be the favorite for the 6'2'', 180 pound receiver who runs a 4.40 40 according to 247sports?

Not so fast folks, there's a lot at play here.

Here are my Vegas style odds on who lands James Quick. They just may surprise you.


Oregon: 4-1

Oregon has to have the best chance of landing Quick, especially once he takes a visit out to Eugene. The atmosphere for college football is great there, not to mention the perks of national attention, awesome Nike jerseys, and a chance to consistently be a winner in the Pac-12.

For a while I felt that Quick would and should stay in Louisville and play for the hometown Cardinals, but then I read this quote from him regarding Oregon via Shanker's report:

"They run a spread and they're one of the fastest teams I've ever seen on TV," said the four-star prospect, "and I really like what they do with their offense."

Quick has the speed and the size to be an incredibly effective player in Chip Kelly's offense. After seeing how highly he talked about Oregon and what they do on the offensive side of the ball, they jumped up to the best odds. If he can get over the fact that Oregon is very far away from Kentucky, I see him being a great fit.


Louisville: 5-1

Don't discount the power of the hometown team here. They definitely win huge points due to proximity, as Quick would have the ability to play in front of his friends and family right in Louisville.

He'd also be playing for a pretty good football program. Louisville is currently ranked No. 19 in the AP Poll, which is very respectable.

If distance were a factor, the Cardinals would be the hands-down favorite, but right now I'm going to re-think my original stance and give the edge to the hyped up Ducks of Oregon, but it's a very, very slight edge.


Ohio State: 7-1

Having Urban Meyer as your head coach is a huge plus for the Buckeyes and Quick did acknowledge Meyer's ability on offense in Shanker's report. It's tough to call Ohio State an underdog in recruiting ever, but in this instance I have to give them the worst odds.

Quick seems sold on the flashy offense Oregon runs, but they back that up by being current No. 2 ranked team on the AP Poll though, so they walk the walk as well. Louisville has the proximity advantage and they aren't a half-bad program, so by default that leaves Ohio State at a close third in the odds.

Right now their biggest draw is Meyer and a pretty big fan base. We'll see if that can be enough to overcome the flair and ranking of Oregon and the hometown advantage of Louisville.

For now, the odds aren't with the Buckeyes in this recruiting race.

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