Who Will Replace Laveranues Coles Next Year for the Jets?

Cole TesslerCorrespondent IMarch 6, 2009

Jets have another void on offense and that position is WR. The Jets recently released Laveranues Coles and are looking for another player to line up beside Jerricho Cotchery.

Here are all the possibilities of who could be the new Jets starting wide reciever:


1. On the Roster

If the Jets look to fill the void of WR with their roster the two likely candidates will be Chansi Stuckey and David Clowney. Here is info on both:


David Clowney

David Clowney is another second-year veteran going into his third year. He spent 2007 on the Packers practice squad but then the Jets picked him up last year in free agency.


Another player with good hands and great quickness—he ran a 4.4 at the combine. He was amazing in the preseason, racking up 160 receiving yards and two touchdowns in one game.


Eventually he was injured and sat out most of the year. He only made one catch but it was a very crucial first down catch—not to mention it was a one-handed.




Chansi Stuckey


I like Chansi as a wide receiver. He is a second-year veteran going into his third year, out of Clemson. He was drafted in the seventh round but after watching his highlight tape I knew he had potential.


He has great hands, good speed, and is a good route runner. He sat out all of 2007 though with an injury. But in 2008, he came out explosive being the first player ever to catch a touchdown in each of his three games.


He eventually racked up 360 yards on the year basically as a rookie.




2. Free Agency


The Jets have yet to contact wide receivers in the free agent market but there are a couple of good wide receivers out there. Here are some WR's I would like the Jets to pick up.




Torry Holt


Although he is not a free agent yet, he wants out of St. Louis and most likely will be soon.


Holt is an excellent route runner and has great hands.


Although aging—he is 32—he is still a great wide receiver. Statistically, he had his worse year since his rookie year in '99, racking up only 800 yards. Still, the Rams had consistent QB problems as Marc Bulger had a horrible year with a 71.4 QB rating.


I think many of the young recievers such as Clowney and Stuckey could benefit from this nine year veteran.




Marvin Harrison


Marvin is another great WR looking to find a new home—and I wouldn't mind if he ended up with the Jets.


This is another guy who alot of young recievers could learn from as he is a lock for the Hall of Fame.


Marvin hasn't been as productive as usual the past two years. He suffered an injury in the 2007 season and only managed to start five games.


This year though, Reggie Wayne seemed to be the prime target for the Colts as he had almost 1,200 yards and Marvin had roughly 700 yards.


Still, I think there is some stuff left in the tank, but he is 36 so who knows how much is left.




3. Trade


There are not many wide receivers on the block right now for a trade. The only one I could think of is maybe Anquan Boldin.


The Cardinals have expressed multiple times that he is not and they are working out a new contract with him.


Don't expect for the Jets to trade for a wide receiver, but you never know.




4. Draft


The draft is less than two months away and the Jets are definitely going to take a wide receiver no matter what. Whether he will start or not—I don't know. Here are two players who I think would be a good fit for the Jets.




Jeremy Maclin


This is my first choice of wide receivers that might be available for the Jets at the 17 spot.


This is a guy who has a rare blend of size and speed. He is 6'1" 200 lbs and he can run a 4.3 40 yard dash. He is not just speed—he can also break a tackle.


This is a wide receiver that could score anywhere on the field.




Hakeem Nicks


I like this guy alot. If Maclin is not on the board, I would prefer Nicks over Harvin. Nicks has incredible hands.


Please Jet fans, watch this and you will instantly want this guy wearing the green and white:




This guy is also a great route runner and very explosive. He is basically the clone of Jerricho Cotchery.




Percy Harvin


Right now I think Percy is the most likely person the Jets will pick with the 17 spot right now.


Harvin would be great as a slot receiver—he is incredibly fast and quick. He is a threat to score whenever the ball is in his hands, no matter where he is on the field.


The only problem with Harvin is that he has had a nagging heel injury over the past two years. Also, it remains to be seen how he will do with the much better corners in the NFL.




Alright guys, where do you guys think the Jets will get their next starting WR from?


Also, who do you think it will be?


Let me know what you think!





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