Sharing Alabama Trophy Pix with Herschel Walker's Nephew Recruit Won't Help Tide

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIISeptember 26, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

Milan Richard is a 4-star tight end prospect for the class of 2014 out of Calvary Day High School in Savannah, Georgia.

Oh, and he also happens to be Herschel Walker's nephew...

Knowing that, it should make a lot of sense that Georgia is on top of Richard's list according to 247sports. That said, according to quotes via Keith Niebuhr of 247sports, it's not a given that Richard will choose Georgia:

"The people who don't know me, assume that I'm going there," Richard said. "The people that have asked me questions and know my family well, know in the end it will be my decision and I'll go where is best. I'm far from making my commitment."

Later on in Niebuhr's report, Richard talked about how Alabama was trying to sway him:

"I get a lot of pictures and stuff from Alabama every day," Richard said. "They send me pictures of the trophies, Mark Ingram, future guys and their rings. Stuff like that.

Now, based on the first quote, it would appear as if everybody had a fair shot at getting a commitment from Richard, but one would be naive to believe Georgia didn't have a major upper hand in the process.

Alabama has trophies, and they can send pictures of those if they'd like. They also have their own Heisman in Mark Ingram, and they can send pictures of him too. 

All Richard has to do though is call up uncle Walker to talk to the real deal and ask him about his championship and Heisman experiences, at Georgia

I get what Alabama is trying to do here considering Richard seems open to other schools, but frankly, in the end, I don't see it working.

If you are still wondering the significance of the Walker connection, let me clear it up for you.

Walker is probably the most prolific Georgia Bulldog of all time and arguably one of the best college football players of all-time. The three-time All-American and 1982 Heisman Trophy winner is a legend in the college football world, let alone for the Bulldogs. He was also a big part of Georgia's last National Championship team, way back in 1980.

He's a big deal, to say the least.

Georgia has the ultimate recruiting tool and trump card in Walker, and if they were smart they would remind Richard of all he accomplished with the Bulldogs as much as they can.

The past can only do so much though, so that's where Georgia will have to rely on their present.

While a school like Alabama is certainly a huge recruiting power due to their national championship resume, head coach Nick Saban and powerhouse stature; it's not as if Georgia can't hold their own against the Crimson Tide in recruiting.

In the latest AP Poll, Alabama is ranked No. 1, but Georgia is just a few behind at No.5 and they have to feel like they can compete with the elite in the country.

Head coach Mark Richt is building a young and talented program down in Athens—highlighted right now by super freshman running backs Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall—and with the current No. 8 ranked recruiting class according to Rivals, you can expect the Bulldogs to get even better.

If it came down to it, Georgia could out-recruit Alabama for Richard on their intangibles alone.

They are an SEC powerhouse, they have realistic national championship  aspirations, they are young and talented and they are his home-state team. Not only that, but the tight end plays an integral role in Richt's offense. At Alabama, they are more of a second or third option, and are definitely utilized the most as blockers.

Look at what Orson Charles was able to do at Georgia from the tight end position. He hauled in 1,370 yards and 10 touchdowns in three years with the Bulldogs. Richard would have the opportunity to put up the same kind of production in Athens.

These are all major selling points for Georgia.

The fact that he's Hershel Walker's nephew is just a bonus really.

Alabama can send all the pictures of trophies and rings they want, I don't see it helping them whatsoever.

Richard may be open to other schools, but in the end it's hard not to see him committing to Georgia once the time comes.

They offer much more than just being the school his uncle played at.

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