WWE ECW 3/3/09: Quick Questions

Karl ZimmermanCorrespondent IMarch 5, 2009

Howdy B/R Nation! Back again for round two of Quick Questions, where you wrestling geniuses impart your knowledge on yours truly.

Speaking of intelligence, I have to thank Shane and Mina for their replies and positive feedback. If anything, I could see this article being a springboard for Mina to enlighten all of us.

And I'd like to preference this article by saying ECW is probably my favorite show to watch with the family, even though it's been referred to recently as WWE Hell. So here we go!

Isn't it good to hear that the Miz & Morrison will actually be wrestling on their own show?

What state exactly is the Bottomless Pit in? And do they have a good unemployment plan?

Who else thinks that Kane has the best grin in the WWE?

Wasn't it good to see Kane dominate? Don't these guys deserve a good push besides beating up on little ole Rey Mysterio?

Damn, has Santino been working out or what?

My wife thinks there will eventually be a breakup of Glamarella due to Rosa, anyone agree?

Anyone think Mark Henry vs. Beth Phoenix would've been closer?

Does Miz only have stripes on one side of his head? That guy is always a step ahead of fashion.

Did D.J. Gabriel get pec implants?

And what's that crazy dance called that him and Fox do?

Anyone else think that Tyson has future bad-ass heel written all over him?

Do you think Swagger will ever jump up and down so hard that he drops the belt again? That was a very funny moment worth replay, and he sure wasn't smilin' afterwards.

Didn't Tommy Dreamer actually look good in the early going?

Is Matt Striker the best color announcer the WWE has had in the last decade?

Why do people always bend over and take their eyes off their opponent after they irish whip them into the ropes?

Doesn't Swagger, with his blingin' smile, look like a natural?

Well, that's it for me this time. But as I leave, I have one more question. What's your prediction for ECW's involvement in WM25?

I look forward to hearing from you, and until then, I wish you a pleasant tomorrow.