AFC South All-22 Review: A Wild Two Minutes for the Colts and Jaguars

Nate Dunlevy@NateDunlevyGuest ColumnistSeptember 26, 2012

Shorts came up large.
Shorts came up large.Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Through 58 minutes, the Jacksonville Jaguars and Indianapolis Colts had played an absolute eye-bleeder.

The final two minutes, however, were non-stop action.

A look at the All-22 film shows just how the Colts and Jaguars each put up points, how the game came down to the wire and how Jacksonville ultimately prevailed 22-17.


1:46 to Play: Jacksonville Punts, T.Y. Hilton Returns It for 14 Yards

Bryan Anger uncorks a huge 60-yard punt, but Hilton has plenty of room. He side-steps the initial tackler and runs it back 14 yards, setting Indianapolis up for what everyone assumed would be the final drive.

Anger had a huge day punting, but his net was affected by a nice return and a touchback. His 53.5-yard average resulted in just 45.3 yards net, still a good number, but not as amazing as the raw total.

The Colts had 29 yards on four returns, but nearly half of them came on this run back.


1:33 to Play: 1st-and-10 from Indy 33, Andrew Luck Hits Donald Brown for 39 Yards

Brown slides in front of Luck looking for someone to block. The defender at the 38-yard line in the top still doesn't blitz, so Brown leaks out.

Luck finds him on the run, and Brown blazes past everyone for 39 yards all the way down to the Jacksonville 28.

Brown does most of the work himself, but the final 12 yards are set up by great downfield blocking by Reggie Wayne, who takes out two Jaguars.

The defense eventually pinches Brown in against the sideline, but the damage is done.

The key to the play springing open is a spectacular move by Brown on Paul Posluszny. With Luck looking downfield, Brown jukes the linebacker and springs wide open.


1:18 to Play: 2nd-and-9 from Jacksonville 27, Brown Runs for One Yard

The Colts go conservative, running against an eight-man box on first down. The result was a one-yard gain.

The Jaguars bring almost everyone into the box on second down, and the Colts again try to run, this time against nine defenders.

This decision is indefensible, but there were yards to be gained.

A hole initially opened for Brown, but center Mike McGlynn fails to block his man, linebacker Kyle Bosworth.

Bosworth knifes into the hole and cleans up Brown for a one-yard gain.

The Indianapolis line had too many injured players and guys playing out of position to hope to get the first down by running.

A seven-yard run by Brown on third down set up the go-ahead field goal for the Colts, who led 17-16 with 56 seconds remaining.


:56 to Play: 1st-and-10 from Jacksonville 20, Blaine Gabbert Hits Cecil Shorts for an 80-Yard Touchdown

This play was well broken-down by the Indianapolis Star, but it bears repeating that there are two mistakes on the play.

Sergio Brown fails by allowing Shorts to get behind him.

Antoine Bethea takes an extra step toward the sideline as if he was going to cover the short receiver.

Gabbert fires a missile in stride to Shorts, who takes it the distance.

Sergio Brown knows he screwed up, and reacts by banging his helmet as he runs down the field.


:26 to Play: 3rd-and-10 from Indy 38, Luck Hits Hilton for 36 Yards

The Colts tried to put themselves in position for a Hail Mary to end the game, and Luck did the first part of the job by moving the ball into Jacksonville territory.

There's no All-22 angle available on this play, but Hilton stumbled at the start of the route, and nearly stepped out of bounds. The trip threw off his man and left him open on the sideline.

Hilton catches the ball, but can't manage to get out of bounds, despite being just a step from the sideline.

Had he made it out of bounds, the Colts would have had 12 to 13 more seconds to work with, and their odds of scoring would have sky-rocketed.


:02 to Play: 3rd-and-10 from the Jacksonville 26, Luck Incomplete to Wayne

Indianapolis sets up the Hail Mary by sending only three men out into the pattern and keeping everyone else back in max protect.

Donnie Avery takes the lone short route, and would have made an interesting target.

Luck gets pressured, however, and has to chuck it up to Wayne, who has multiple defenders around him.

The Jaguars manage to move Luck off his spot despite sending just two rushers against four Colts.

It would have been interesting to see what the Colts would have tried had there not been pressure on the play.


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