Varitek to Replace Valentine? Top 5 Reasons Red Sox Should Hire Former Captain

Eren MunirContributor IIISeptember 26, 2012

Varitek to Replace Valentine? Top 5 Reasons Red Sox Should Hire Former Captain

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    As the last few games of the Red Sox's 2012 edition comes to a close, it has come time to start thinking about the future. That is, after all, the only thing that might keep Red Sox fans sane after such a difficult season to watch.

    Unlike last year, the Red Sox need to move quickly to resolve the managerial situation as soon as the season is over. With news arriving that Varitek is set to take a position as special assistant to Ben Cherington, is it too soon to start wondering about his long-term future in Boston? 

No. 5: Example of Mike Matheny and Robin Ventura

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    Like Varitek, these two former local heroes had very little managerial experience before taking over in St. Louis and Chicago, respectively. Both were completely untested as big league managers, but they found a way to lead two playoff-contending teams, overcoming some serious obstacles along the way.

    These two success stories provide an attractive model for the Boston Red Sox. The failure of Bobby Valentine has shown that this team might need more than the conventional choice.

No. 4: Addition by Subtraction

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    Regardless of what you might think about Varitek as a potential manager, you should believe in the fact that virtually any new manager would be an improvement over Bobby V. In just under a year at the helm, Valentine has proven time and time again that he is not prepared for the task at hand.

    The Red Sox are in rebuilding mode, and the calm, steady hand of Varitek would be a marked improvement over Valentine's erratic nature. 

No. 3: Players Respect Him

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    From the very first day of his Red Sox career, Varitek proved to be a commanding figure in the clubhouse. His work habits and direct style helped produce a plethora of successful pitchers in his 15-year Boston tenure. And he was always praised by pitchers for his ability to call a game—a skill that could provide a huge boost for a wildly underachieving pitching staff.

    Players and fans alike remember him as the player who served A-Rod a mitt sandwich, and that image could fire a turnaround, much like it did in 2004.

No. 2: Statement to the Fans

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    Varitek may have had a minor involvement in the epic collapse of 2011, but by and large, he would be warmly received by Red Sox Nation. The average fan would view it as a move in the right direction, back to a strictly baseball mentality.

    This type of positive step would be welcome news to Boston fans everywhere. With recent concerns that the Red Sox are more of a circus than a professional sports team, Varitek's no-nonsense style would comfort fans far and wide.

No. 1: Backbone

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    This image should tell you all you need to know about the kind of backbone Varitek would provide for this organization. The Red Sox need a manager who is ready to stand up to divisional rivals, not fall asleep on the job.