Acme Is More Explosive Than The Bears Offense Without a Wide Receiver

Jared BarnesCorrespondent IMarch 5, 2009

How can one of us expect to see a mediocre quarterback succeed when he has no one to throw to? 

Most quarterbacks need a reliable target(s) to be successful. The Chicago Bears have been just as bad at the wide receiver position for as long as it has at quarterback. 

You take an average quarterback and give him a small window to throw into and guess what happens? The ball bounces off outside and makes it into that window very few times. Make that window run with one or two walls trying to knock that ball away and things become much more difficult. 

Kyle Orton is mediocre.

Devin Hester as a number one wideout? Mediocre. 

Devin Hester can run, and he can burn defenders on deep streaks quite easily it seems. The problem is Orton can't throw it that far. The passes always end up behind Hester like a duck shot from the sky (as I said in some reply the other day).

Hester needs to improve in all the other areas of his game to become a reliable source in which Orton can throw to with confidence. 

The Bears have two good tight ends but Greg Olsen still hasn't even come close to hitting his stride. 

The rest of the Bears wide receivers are a hodge podge of failures. Lovie Smith and gang would like for us to think that Earl Bennett is the next great thing. Maybe, but was it not Bennett who was buried on the weakest wide receiver depth chart in the NFL

Rashied Davis has proven nothing. The few other names floating around the Bears roster most of us have never seen play a down of football in the pros. 

My point is, the Bears need to roll up their sleeves and get to work on either signing a free agent receiver who can start opposite Hester or use the 18th pick to draft one. 

I am a true believer in drafting from the inside out. But the Bears defense is in far greater shape than the offense. The Bears O-Line is a bit weak but still holding up and not nearly as much a concern as the receiver position. And Kyle Orton is not great but not as bad as who he has to throw to. 

I would be happy with the drafting of a lineman, the next great corner, or whatever else may be on your mind. 

But would it not be nice to see a true No. 1 wide receiver? The Bears could strike out again and draft another cocky lame duck like David Terrell. But you can't move forward without taking chances in this league.

Kyle Orton needs some sort of help. He needs a big body to throw to. Hester will be great as a playmaker on offense like he was as a returner. But he is not a No. 1. He is a No. 2 or slot sort of guy. And Devin Hester is my favorite player. But let's be real about him. But by all means, Devin, prove me wrong, I would love to see nothing more. 

I can't tell you which draftee would be the best fit for the Bears because I hardly watch college football. You, the reader, can probably tell me. I know Percy Harvin would be the worst choice, seeing as his skill set is similar to that of Hester's. I like Darrius Heyward-Bey but that is a bias since I am a Maryland fan. Plus he's a burner, and Orton can't get the ball that deep. This is why losing Bernard Berrian to the Vikings was no big deal last off-season. 

What name would you like to hear the Bears call on draft day? Would you rather draft a receiver in the second round? Sign a free agent? Give me your sage advice, dear reader.

I just know that the Bears can never hope to achieve more than a pipe bomb that doesn't work type of explosive offense if they don't do something to the receiver spot. Even Wile E Coyote wouldn't use the Bears.